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Manmadhan Ambu - Expecting an entertaining Rom-Com

I have been looking forward to watch the movie and now after listening to the songs my curiosity has spiked up! Kamal, Trisha, Splendida (the ship), Madhavan, and Surya in a guest role! Sounds good to me.
And these are my opinions about the songs after I listened to them for the first time. Call it the first impression. But I had to listen the Kamal Kavidhai twice to even form an opinion about it.

Dhagidu Dhattham: nice rhythym, i dont understand the song, may be i'll understand when i see the movie

Kamal Kavidhai: interesting number. like all Kamal's works, you need to listen carefully to enjoy the sarcasm. His atheism shows in this song. Trisha has recorded this song in her own voice, not bad for starters. Women, love, lust, sarcasm, atheism - all in one Kamal treat.

Neela Vaanam: Melodious number in Kamal's voice. The song tries to define love. This song would be getting dedicated in all the 'kadhal kadhal' kinda TV shows, with hearts flying all over the TV scree…

Getting an Indian Passport

When I started to take steps to get myself a passport, I faced some problems and a loooot of suggestions.. you dont need a birth certificate with name, you definitely have to have one, college ID is not a matter, blah blah blah..

So here I am doing my part in confusing you. :D

1) Get youself a birth certificate with your name:

Its a matter of two visits to the corporation office. And it costs nothing more than 17 bucks!

* Get the application form from the information center. It costs Rs.11/-
* Fill it up, stick a court fee stamp for Re.1/- and attach a photocopy of your old birth certificate and school/college TC (transfer certificate)
* Submit the form at the Birth and Death registration center at the corporation office.
* The officer there signs the form and you have to pay Rs.5/- at the computer center.
* Show the receipt for the payment and submit the form.

After you do this they'll give you a date at which you must go there again to collect your certificate. They will issue a…

Caution and Control - Archaic??

This is very similar to the whispered secrets that 'everyone' knows. A 19 year old girl gets pregnant, goes to a temple and gets married. With or without the consent of the parents, I dont know. But do these girls realize that life does not have a Ctrl+Z button?

She is just a kid. Even before she knows what 'life' is, she ends it!

You fall in love - OK. Goes on good - OK. You maintain your limits - OK. But throwing away the 2Cs is NOT OK. Is it some kind of new fashion trend or something? Do they call it cool? At that age, she is throwing away her career, education and everything else.. she becomes a mother when she herself is not yet an adult.

I am just plainly surprised.

My Music - A Gift I Lost

In recent times, a couple of my school friends asked me, 'why did you stop singing?'. Until then I did not realize that I was not doing the 'real' singing I used to do. I had forgotten that I used to Sing,sIng,siNg,sinG SING all the time! If not excellent I was atleast passable.

Only after my friends asked me 'why', a memory buried sooo deep that I had forgotten about it for nearly 7 years surfaced. I was in the 10th grade that time. There were two of us girls, who sang at almost all the events. The other one was a first ranker, excellent in music, so in short - a star. On the other hand I was like a sidekick, I get to sing at the school assembly and she sings at the Annual Day... well, you get the picture. I did not bother about being not-as-good-as-her in music, I was happy until I was given the chance to sing.

And then this happened. There was some kinda contest, and the school choir gets to sing in front of some music director. And we all felt like 'rea…

A Visit To The Botanical Garden

Before I start, my dear folks there is a botanical garden in coimbatore its up and functioning and is good too.

View Larger Map

I had been thinking about changing my profile picture on facebook for the past few weeks :P and when I thought about the location, botanical garden came to my mind. So, I asked a friend of mine, Sowmya (from college), if she can accompany me to the garden to take pics she said ok so we set the date and off we went.

We started about 11 in the morning and chose to go by bus because unfortunately that day my bike wasn't available. We reached there by 12 noon. That is when I knew that the timings specified in the justdial website were all wrong! We had to wait for 2 hours before the garden opened again. So we decided to walk back some distance find some restaurant or something to spend time, because there is no such thing for another 1km toward east and until vadavalli toward west.

We spent some time and money and earned some huge calories at the bakery at law…

Pretty Kitty

Came across this lil fella on my way back home. As im not a big animal person i was not able to go very close to the kitty..

A Week Long Date With Perumal!

September is special in Tirupathi. Brahma of events. Brahmotsavam.

We (me, dad, gran) went on a trip to Tirupathi and Tiruvallikeni with brief visits to Perumals at other places.

The bus started from Ramakrishna Mills at about 6:30 on Sunday, 12th Sep'10. The bus stopped at palladam lakshmi mills to pick some people and also have dinner at one of the houses there. Since most of the people who were on the trip were "bhagavadhaas" we did not eat out at all. We went to some houses along the way for bhajans and they provided food. At Tirupathi we ate at the madam.

Monday, 13th Sep'10:
The bus stopped at a place called Veeranguppam Gramam, Paeranambattu Ondriyam, Ambur. The name itself says a lot. No toilets or bathrooms. Had to use the open fields. The men took bath out in the open and the Ladies took bath inside a small house. The bathroom was 'common'. Thank goodness I had some experience with the open feild and common bath during my childhood, or I would have …

Rest In Peace: Sindhuja

At about 8 in the morning my school friend calls and as I pick the phone I think 'she is probably going to ask me to come to school' without realizing what kind of a shocking news awaits me.

Sindhuja is dead.

It took me until I saw her face for the news to sink in. Most of us hadn't been in touch with her for the past few months. So obviously the news was a shocker to us.

After I came back from her place the first thing I did was take the notebook of school memories I have and read what I had written about her.

"A wonderful person and friend who should not be lost or forgotten. I can expect a selfless friendship from her. Even if I don't talk to her for months, she'll talk to me just the way she used to" 
(with a photo of her's stuck by the side, sorry that I dont have the camera right now, if anybody has a nice one of hers please send, and sorry for the poor picture)

Sindhu, the "kovakkara kizhi" of the class. Her way of showing love was ang…

Chain SMS and Mails - height of stupidity!

A few days back I received an sms from one of my classmates that said "send this to 20 people and if you neglect your dad will die in the next 365 days" and one I received recently says "90% people fall in love with their friends blah blah blah send to 14 people except me sorry cant neglect".

Do they realize that these messages benefit no one except the service provider? This has absolutely no purpose except increasing the sms traffic!

This is one form of psychological torture - playing with the insecurities and weakness of people, these kind of messages might hurt some people. Say for instance somebody's dad is ill and he/she receives a text like the first one, how would they feel?

As for the second message - thats total crap! So if I send that stupid message to 14 people, how the hell will my love realize he really loves me and that I'm the one??

How clever of those people to include phrases like "except me" and "sorry"... (vevarathu…

People like this exist!

I am an avid fan of Anandha Vikatan, psychiatrist Dr.Shalini is writing a new series called "UyirMozhi". People reading it will know about what she is talking. For who dont read: it's about male female relationships, the mechanisms of a mother-son relationship etc etc.

A discussion on this topic branched out and led me to some other incidents..

A few years back, a doctor working for a government run hospital made his kid son eat his own excreta! The child had shit out of fear seeing father and mother fighting. The mother left the house and this doctor father took the son to an orphanage and left him there saying the child was an orphan. Following this the mother fought and got her son back, and the doctor fled to some other place. He was a DOCTOR!!

Next is something i had already written about.. A 5 year old left behind with her grand-mother while her mother fled with someone as soon as the child's father died.

A young widow is willing to give her son up so that she …

The Ugly Truth!

I saw this movie starring Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl called "The Ugly Truth".. It's got some ugly language in it but kind of.. mmmm... you might call it 'intriguing' stuff in there... its not a masterpiece movie. I actually saw this movie because it had Gerard starring in it...

In the movie he is Mike Chadway a TV anchor who hosts a show called 'ugly truth' and he mostly talks about relationships and er... stuff like that.. what bothers me a lot is that he says "Men are Simple!". All that they want is looks, no complications, no commitments... Hey girlie thats a english movie you cant relate it to this society.. yeah i know that.. the only difference is that those people do not have a defined social structure and we have one.. but otherwise all men are same.

If there is one more interesting aspect about the movie its this dialog the female lead delivers near the end of the movie. It goes like:

Abby Richter: I'm sorry, but Jack Magnun will…

Relationships: Spec: Male-Female

One of my friends Bharathi had written about relationships in her blog and that was the key to this post... along with some serious thinking I had been doing all night and all morning I'm posting my views on this, because its a-topic-that-never-bores-me...

First of all, why are people reluctant to fall into relationships... anything from friendship to love...?? Its because of the fear or rejection, fear of failure and the fear of the pain if the other two factors of fear come true... OK agreed either one of them had a break up or a bitter experience in the form of a past love or best friend.. But why should they compare the present with the past? Past is past... gone... done... been there done that and its over... wake up!!

Then there is this time and distance factor... If the distance is too much like either one is ISD/STD and its tough on the purse and time to travel... people gotta be strong and trust plays a major role... and then there is this time factor... both stay a few m…

Unjalur :)

Well, I'm posting this really late... 11 weeks late!!

I have a very nice friend, Barani Jalandar from college. She had been asking me to visit her native for long. And i had been smitten by the idea of celebrating pongal in the village... and the fact that there is River Cauvery running through their village made it all the more alluring.

DAY 1:

So we decided to go there for Pongal this year(13th thro 17th Jan'10).. We both bunked college on 13th Jan to avoid the holiday rush in the bus. We started from Coimbatore early in the morning at about 7:00 in the morning and reached there roughly at 9:30.

After landing at Erode we decided to go on a shopping spree before we went home. Well before I proceed further, Unjalur is located between Erode and Kodumudi and is 45 minutes away from Erode. Now that I have got the location right back to the shopping...

We took a mini bus ride from the bus stand to panneerselvam park, where all the shops like Barani Silks (which was the target for …

Vinnathaandi Varuvaaya! - A Practical Love Story!

I have been wanting to watch atleast one movie on the first day of its release! And I got to see this movie - thanks to my brother for the tickets! :)

This is yet another "Brand Gautham" movie. The story must have something personally related to him. The first half of the movie is pretty interesting, the second half drags a bit though. And at some points you feel like "isnt this the end?" The end of the movie makes the movie special :)

Simbhu as Kathik - WOW! Such a romantic character... he suits it perfectly! without all the viral vithais and punch dialogues he looks lovable :) He is brilliant and does justice to the character. I loved him when he spoke, danced, sang, fought, whatever he did... His best!

Trisha as Jessie - Any boy would want to fall in love with Jessie.. Trisha looks absolutely beautiful and "she is Jessie" in the movie! The hero describes Jessie to herself and to us... This might be a hit among the roamtics :)
Have to mention the costum…

Achu! - I admire the Kid!

Achu.. I met this lovely kid at my granny's place. I do not even know her real name!!

I was deeply moved by her story. She is the grand-daughter of one of my gran's tenents. Her father passed away a few months ago; she has a kid brother; her mother ran away with somebody taking the little brother and leaving this girl with the grand-mother. She lives in such a situation but you must see her to thank god for what you have.. She keeps smiling :) all the time.
Her gran works for some rich family in the village and the rich family says no to the kid coming with her gran.. And Achu never turns her head toward the rich's house! She refuses to have any food we offer... she's like im happy with what i have... she never ever asks for anything! For some reason I had to take my camera to my gran's and take some pics that day... any normal kid would ask to see the camera or atleast have a picture of hers shot.. I was expecting this girl to ask me but she never did..

I asked h…

Happy Valentine's Friend...!! :)

Here I would like to share the love poems i loved reading (no it would be better if i put it as feeling) :). I love tabu shankar for this :) :)

these are from his "adutha pengal kalloori 5 k.m"

En thodugalai
kalatri veesavendum
avan sollum
kaadhal mozhigalai ellam
ottuketpadhu mattumallaamal
avanilladha nerangalil
thirumbach cholli
gaeli veru seigindrana

oru naal thaan endraalum
Or azhagiya naalil
en araikku vandhu
ennai paarthuvittu thirumbugayil
arayilirundha kannadiyil
mugam paarthu
thalai seevikkondu

avanai anuppi vittu vandhu
kannadiyai paarthaal
avan mugathai
adhu appadiyae vaithirundhadhu
aacharyathodu 'eppadi' endru kettal
'unna madhiryae naanum avanai kaadhalikkiraen'
endradhu kannadi

kobam thalaikkaera
adhai adikka seeppai kayyileduthaal
padharippoi sonnadhu seeppu
'paarthu paarthu...
en meedhu padhindhirukkum
avanadhu mudigalin
muthathai azhithuvidadhae' endru
pallai kadithukkondu padukkayil vandhu vilundhaen


One Word Tag!

Yourself: Smile!
Your Partner: Myself!
Your Hair: Dark-Brown!
Your Mother: Loveliest
Your Father: Best!
Your Favorite Item: Computer
Your Dream Last Night: Forgotten!
Your Favorite Drink: Water
Your Dream Car: Audi!!!
Your Dream Home: Cozy
The Room You Are In: Hall
Your Fear: Heights
Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years: Family
Who You Hung Out With Last: Friend...
What You're Not: Male :D :D
Muffins: Sluuuurp!
One of Your Wish List Items: Travel
Time: 20:48PM
Last Thing You Did: Dinner
What Are You Wearing: Salwar
Your Favorite Weather: Spring
Your Favorite Book: Many :)
Last Thing You Ate: Idli
Your Mood: Sleepy
Your Best Friends: Me!
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Sleep
Your Car: Car(e)less!
Your Summer: Pleasant..
What's on your TV: Nothing.... :D :D :D
What is your weather like: Cold!
When Is the Last Time You Laughed: Morning
Your Relationship Status: Single :( ;)

I am a person who talks more than necessary... ennayu, oru vaarthaila badhil solla vaitha blog owner …