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Vinnathaandi Varuvaaya! - A Practical Love Story!

I have been wanting to watch atleast one movie on the first day of its release! And I got to see this movie - thanks to my brother for the tickets! :)

This is yet another "Brand Gautham" movie. The story must have something personally related to him. The first half of the movie is pretty interesting, the second half drags a bit though. And at some points you feel like "isnt this the end?" The end of the movie makes the movie special :)

Simbhu as Kathik - WOW! Such a romantic character... he suits it perfectly! without all the viral vithais and punch dialogues he looks lovable :) He is brilliant and does justice to the character. I loved him when he spoke, danced, sang, fought, whatever he did... His best!

Trisha as Jessie - Any boy would want to fall in love with Jessie.. Trisha looks absolutely beautiful and "she is Jessie" in the movie! The hero describes Jessie to herself and to us... This might be a hit among the roamtics :)
Have to mention the costumes are too good! :) Loved every one of her sarees :P

The story is different in the sense its very practical in many ways... right from the romance to the families.

The visual of all the songs are good... but some of them appear to start in the same way... its the adiyae kolluthey legacy! The visual of Aaromale disappoints me! It is probably the magic of the movie or the story don't know whats it.. both the hero and the heroine look really good, I mean better than what they usually look like!

I seriously "saw" some people "I know" in my real life as the characters in the movie. Ithana ponnunga irundhum naan aen sir jessie ah love pannaen? - ithana padam irundhum naan aen vinnaithaandi varuvaaya paakkanum? - go see it! Its worth watching so many times :D

I would have loved to discuss some scenes in detail but then... I can do it later :) A Must Watch.. You wont forget the movie if you really "see" it :)


  1. "Brand Gautham"? what's the brand he has? almost all his movies are plagiarised. even this movie is plagiarised version of "500 Days of Summer". original is excellent in its reality and screenplay.
    if u had seen 'Forrest Gump' u'll know that 'Vaaranam Aayiram' is a worst plagiarised movie. if u need a proof then u should have counted how many times i yawned while watching it...
    but i agree that he's better than Perarasu or Vijay's directors...

    u seem to review the movie in a typical girlish manner describing a lot about their beauty, costumes,...than the story.
    but i agree that "the second half drags" like hell, with a decent twist in the climax.

  2. Well arun.. i am a girl and i do review stuff in a girlish way i'll try to do it in an "overall" view the next time i write a review. and i have seen '500 days of summer' thats reality i agree. but vinnaithandi varuvaya is an indian movie - a tamil movie. even if gautham 'copied' the idea of 500 days.. you know what, i dont care because i did not see it before vtv.


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