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Stupidity Never Dies!

I have been talking.. whining about chain mails and SMS for such a long time. And recently one of the mails that I came across rekindled the anger and frustration towards their stupidity!

It says "11 year old girl pregnant" and you should read it to understand why it really got on my nerves... SPELLING mistakes! How could I not laugh at a threat that has spelling mistakes in it?

I quote here: "I will slid your body in half and then i will stab u 1 million times until all of your blood is out of you body i will take off all of your clothes and leave you naked, but dont worry, there wont be any of your skin left, i will break all of your bones, and i? will eat everything that is left of you... enjoy"

I have quoted a sample mistake in red. And did it really say "Enjoy?" hell yeah it did! And why would any dead person feel shy? No need to take off the skin I say! Dear Murderer, I'd like to spare some time for you, I do not feel shy when I …

Missing you, Mumbai!

I dreaded going to mumbai!! But  now after coming back from there I am missing it so much.. I loved it as much as I hated it!
A beautiful home (note: I did  not say house!) at a luxury appartment, room mates like a family, work place at a walkable distance, everything within reach. No place has treated me so well until now (with the excemption of coimbatore, ofcourse).
I was just "Kumutha" to my roomies, and by the time it became "Namma Kumutha" I was kicked out of Bombay, kinda a thing that I bought upon myself! I was transferred to Chennai!! Well that story is for later..
I Loved Mumbai... hmmm.. THANE to be exact. I loved the local trains, even though they were crowded, they were on time. I loved the rickshaws!! Really!!
When you get a nice place to stay in, you eventually love the city. I guess that is what happened to me. I know I was one of the lucky people, my roomies themselves were homeless for the first few days. "Mumbai is the financial capital of India…

My First Flight!

A note to readers: this post might sound boring to the frequent and experienced flyers.

All packed and ready to go fly! But wait, I dont know anything about how to get into the airport! Being educated, it was kinda embarrassing to make mistakes.

But then its okay.. you learn when you make mistakes. Security check, Baggage and Tickets.. After all this I was waiting with my friend for my father to come back... (He had gone back home to take an ID proof to get into the airport, I did not know that you needed an ID proof to get into the airport)

I did not feel anything until I was waiting in the queue to board the bus that takes you to the aircraft. Only then I got that feeling I was longing to get - "Yay! I am gonna fly!"

That long jounrney to the runway. The cabin staff were demonstrating how to use the life jacket, the seat belt etc etc.. and I still dont know why the girl who demonstated in front of us was giggling soooooooo  much. May be she thought it was funny but for fir…

Makeover Move

ME: "I am not a girly girl!"

MY BROTHER: "Hehe no way, you are girly, very girly!"

What?! Did I really hear that? I am girly?! All these days I was thinking that I am not a girly girl.. girly girls treat a broken nail as an emergency, whine all night if their eye-brow job had gone bad, shut themselves up in their rooms if they have a bad-hair day and get mad if their clothes/hands get dirty! And on top of it I don't giggle but laugh, I like a hearty laugh. Ok, I'm getting diverted now.. back on track!

But then I am girly in some ways, I love anything that is pink, fluffy, floral, and cute! I enjoy shopping, get super excited if I see the words "SALE" and "FREE". Read fashion magazines cover to cover, browse the internet for tips. Go around the house like a ghost with a facial mask of a different color and flavor(!) every weekend.

So all that reading magazines and surfing the internet had motivated me to get a new-look! I decided that I w…

Manmadhan Ambu - A Late Review

A good try by Kamal Hassan. Even if not spectacular it isn't that bad!

Loved the casting. As usual Kamal steals the show, Sangeetha and Madhavan have done a good job. Trisha looks so polished in the movie! She can confidently dub for her roles from now on.

A flock of birds fly across the sky, Kamal looks at them and that tiny tear in the eye! Perfect!

Sangeetha!! Wow!! She is too good, really really good. And all those spoonerisms.. haha.. but sadly not many catch it.. well, thats typical in Kamal movies. The kid bodyguard is sooo cute!

Missed the Kamal Kavidhai a lot. Since the song is gone, we miss the moment the hero and the heroine fall in love.

May be if the movie was shortened into an hour and a half without some sentiments and songs it would have been more fast paced.

P.S: I am a Kamal Hassan fan. So if you think the review is biased, sure it is :) :) :)

Zebra Nails!

This is something I have been wanting to try for a long time. I love nail art, and unfortunately I am no artist. But anybody can do lines!

This is how I did it:

1) Two coats of silver-white nail polish.

2) I do not own black polish so I used my eye-liner to draw the black lines. Generally eye-liner is water soluble. To prevent that I finished with a transparent top-coat over nails.

3) The black lines have to be drawn with a thin brush. Take care while drawing it.

4) Dont worry if you cant get the lines straight, zebra's dont have straight lines :D

5) Apply the top coat carefully and slowly. Dont apply pressure on the brush, if you do the eye-liner will chip.

6) Nail polish takes a lot of time to dry, 2 to 3 hours actually. Be careful.

7) Do not worry if you cant apply nail polish without applying some on the skin around it. That is not a problem to sweat over. Take bath, it's gone and the nails are perfect! :D

Happy Coloring! Do post your experience, difficulties, criticisms an…