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Happy Valentine's Friend...!! :)

Here I would like to share the love poems i loved reading (no it would be better if i put it as feeling) :). I love tabu shankar for this :) :)

these are from his "adutha pengal kalloori 5 k.m"

En thodugalai
kalatri veesavendum
avan sollum
kaadhal mozhigalai ellam
ottuketpadhu mattumallaamal
avanilladha nerangalil
thirumbach cholli
gaeli veru seigindrana

oru naal thaan endraalum
Or azhagiya naalil
en araikku vandhu
ennai paarthuvittu thirumbugayil
arayilirundha kannadiyil
mugam paarthu
thalai seevikkondu

avanai anuppi vittu vandhu
kannadiyai paarthaal
avan mugathai
adhu appadiyae vaithirundhadhu
aacharyathodu 'eppadi' endru kettal
'unna madhiryae naanum avanai kaadhalikkiraen'
endradhu kannadi

kobam thalaikkaera
adhai adikka seeppai kayyileduthaal
padharippoi sonnadhu seeppu
'paarthu paarthu...
en meedhu padhindhirukkum
avanadhu mudigalin
muthathai azhithuvidadhae' endru
pallai kadithukkondu padukkayil vandhu vilundhaen

dhisai engum irundhu sirithadhu kaadhal :) <3

-- this one is my fav --

andha mazhai thaan
ennayum avanayum
orae kudaiyinkeel
vegu kaalamai arumbagavae irundha
engal kaadhalai
malaraakki thandhadhu

saaral kaigalaal mazhai
engalai sutri valaithu
naan avanayum
avan ennayum
'adada chinna kudayaaga eduthu
vandhu vittaenae' endraan
poiyaana varuthathudan
'paravayillai' endraen
meyyaana vetkathudan(blush)

kudaikkul nadandha
andha kutti payanathai
avan en arayin munbu
mudithu vaithuvittup ponadhum
naan Odippoi mottai maadiyil
peidhu kondirundha mazhayinai kattipidithu
nandri solliyapadiyae veedhiyai parthaen(omg)

kudayai madakki
kaiyyil vaithukkondu
mugathai uyarthi
mazhaikku koduthapadi
pOikkondirundhan avan (blush blush)

manadhil poothadhu
kaadhal panmadangaai :) :)
itthodu vittuvidakkoodadhu
indha mazhayai
ena mudiveduthu
oru sembu niraya pidithu
saamigal aedhumilladha
en alamaariyil vaithaen
punniya theerthamaga
dhinamum thalayil
vendum enbadharkaaga!!

i have many more favorites... but the post will become longer than this... :) so i stop with these :) :)

try reading tabu shankar if you loved these...


  1. today i read about tabu.. tomorrow i will read about shankar..

  2. Nice one Kums... But try writing this in tamil, it would look even better and one such post is not enough to write tabu shankar's good works...

  3. all these poems are my favourite !!!

    Try to upload in tamil fonts dear ....

  4. Hi, Nice poem add the meaning of this poem in my life..

    I want to search my friend, who is likely studying in avinashilingam engineering college, Printing department. Her name is lakshmi priya and should be in her final year. If you could reach her, she should be able to recognise me, by my name. kindly help me to find her...

    Sorry to add my request in place of comments, but I am sure that i have to do this...pls help.

    - kamatchi shanker (9880696219)

  5. @vidhya: ok ok :D
    @karthi na: will try na.. :)
    @guru na: see we have the same taste... like brother like sister!!
    @kamatchi shanker: :-o ok..

  6. My email id is

  7. Wow Kums.. I am reading such a nice one after a long long time.. is indeed a lovely expression.. now I had to translate in Spanish ;) but with the original author's name.

  8. he he he he Prabu nee enakku treat vekkanum... :) :) Regards to Yeidy! :)


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