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My First Flight!

A note to readers: this post might sound boring to the frequent and experienced flyers.

All packed and ready to go fly! But wait, I dont know anything about how to get into the airport! Being educated, it was kinda embarrassing to make mistakes.

But then its okay.. you learn when you make mistakes. Security check, Baggage and Tickets.. After all this I was waiting with my friend for my father to come back... (He had gone back home to take an ID proof to get into the airport, I did not know that you needed an ID proof to get into the airport)

I did not feel anything until I was waiting in the queue to board the bus that takes you to the aircraft. Only then I got that feeling I was longing to get - "Yay! I am gonna fly!"

That long jounrney to the runway. The cabin staff were demonstrating how to use the life jacket, the seat belt etc etc.. and I still dont know why the girl who demonstated in front of us was giggling soooooooo  much. May be she thought it was funny but for fir…