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Vinnathaandi Varuvaaya! - A Practical Love Story!

I have been wanting to watch atleast one movie on the first day of its release! And I got to see this movie - thanks to my brother for the tickets! :)

This is yet another "Brand Gautham" movie. The story must have something personally related to him. The first half of the movie is pretty interesting, the second half drags a bit though. And at some points you feel like "isnt this the end?" The end of the movie makes the movie special :)

Simbhu as Kathik - WOW! Such a romantic character... he suits it perfectly! without all the viral vithais and punch dialogues he looks lovable :) He is brilliant and does justice to the character. I loved him when he spoke, danced, sang, fought, whatever he did... His best!

Trisha as Jessie - Any boy would want to fall in love with Jessie.. Trisha looks absolutely beautiful and "she is Jessie" in the movie! The hero describes Jessie to herself and to us... This might be a hit among the roamtics :)
Have to mention the costum…

Achu! - I admire the Kid!

Achu.. I met this lovely kid at my granny's place. I do not even know her real name!!

I was deeply moved by her story. She is the grand-daughter of one of my gran's tenents. Her father passed away a few months ago; she has a kid brother; her mother ran away with somebody taking the little brother and leaving this girl with the grand-mother. She lives in such a situation but you must see her to thank god for what you have.. She keeps smiling :) all the time.
Her gran works for some rich family in the village and the rich family says no to the kid coming with her gran.. And Achu never turns her head toward the rich's house! She refuses to have any food we offer... she's like im happy with what i have... she never ever asks for anything! For some reason I had to take my camera to my gran's and take some pics that day... any normal kid would ask to see the camera or atleast have a picture of hers shot.. I was expecting this girl to ask me but she never did..

I asked h…

Happy Valentine's Friend...!! :)

Here I would like to share the love poems i loved reading (no it would be better if i put it as feeling) :). I love tabu shankar for this :) :)

these are from his "adutha pengal kalloori 5 k.m"

En thodugalai
kalatri veesavendum
avan sollum
kaadhal mozhigalai ellam
ottuketpadhu mattumallaamal
avanilladha nerangalil
thirumbach cholli
gaeli veru seigindrana

oru naal thaan endraalum
Or azhagiya naalil
en araikku vandhu
ennai paarthuvittu thirumbugayil
arayilirundha kannadiyil
mugam paarthu
thalai seevikkondu

avanai anuppi vittu vandhu
kannadiyai paarthaal
avan mugathai
adhu appadiyae vaithirundhadhu
aacharyathodu 'eppadi' endru kettal
'unna madhiryae naanum avanai kaadhalikkiraen'
endradhu kannadi

kobam thalaikkaera
adhai adikka seeppai kayyileduthaal
padharippoi sonnadhu seeppu
'paarthu paarthu...
en meedhu padhindhirukkum
avanadhu mudigalin
muthathai azhithuvidadhae' endru
pallai kadithukkondu padukkayil vandhu vilundhaen