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Kandhasamy - From my point of view!!

The movie brings a sense of deja vu. May be you can call this a high class remix of different movies :)

Anniyan - It was a website in Shankar's here it is a letter :)

Shivaji and Gentleman - Steal the money from the rich and give it to the poor.

Manmadhan - Vikram's nose bleeds in a scene!!

Dhoom 1 - Pizza delivery!!

And there must be more!!

Vikam looks hot as always :) Shriya could have worn some dress in the movie!! Vadivelu rocks!! Some scenes like where Vadivelu is being questioned by the police make you want to roll on the floor laughing!! And it is not only the comedy track that makes you laugh... personally I laughed my head off when Shriya ran on the road to catch Vikram flying in his bike... stunt aama!!!

Is it a rule that an item girl should dance with the villain?? Meenakumari song is so comical!! OMG he would have done better if he hadn't danced but sit and lust over her. I am not satisfied with the picturization of "excuse me" song. Suchitra's vo…

Being Happy - A sin??!!

I actually debated over a few titles for this post

1. having a nice time - a sin??
2. enjoying with friends - a sin??
3. being happy - a sin??

so then i decided over the third as i felt that it would describe my current mood perfectly!! I travel two and a half hours daily by college bus. The morning's journey is faster than the evening's. We do not really feel tired in the mornings but we may feel tired and drained out in the evenings.

So we play games, laugh a lot, have fun in the bus in the evenings.... it makes us forget how long the journey is and we really feel charged up!! But the staffs don't like it... i don't like the fact that they don't like it!! wish they play with us for a day and feel the difference!! :o

we are students and when we are as a group we are bound to be noisy.. they complain that the people on the road will watch us; they mean it like we wantedly do that to grab attention!! just wish they know about the attention/response or whatever given…