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Kandhasamy - From my point of view!!

The movie brings a sense of deja vu. May be you can call this a high class remix of different movies :)

Anniyan - It was a website in Shankar's here it is a letter :)

Shivaji and Gentleman - Steal the money from the rich and give it to the poor.

Manmadhan - Vikram's nose bleeds in a scene!!

Dhoom 1 - Pizza delivery!!

And there must be more!!

Vikam looks hot as always :) Shriya could have worn some dress in the movie!! Vadivelu rocks!! Some scenes like where Vadivelu is being questioned by the police make you want to roll on the floor laughing!! And it is not only the comedy track that makes you laugh... personally I laughed my head off when Shriya ran on the road to catch Vikram flying in his bike... stunt aama!!!

Is it a rule that an item girl should dance with the villain?? Meenakumari song is so comical!! OMG he would have done better if he hadn't danced but sit and lust over her. I am not satisfied with the picturization of "excuse me" song. Suchitra's voice suits the character of Shriya.

You get really nice laughs in some scenes... worth watching once... please do not expect a truly different story anyways. And for Vikram fans... particularly girls... go for it!!! Shriya fans... boys... you are in for a big treat!!!!!


  1. ur a great film critic .. i presume .. spot on abt the movie .. u should consider reviewing movies for some local newspapers for a start ! go on bloggin (if there's such a word) .. am startin to become ur BLOG reader !!

  2. OMG!! news papers!!! :o there is a word "blogging" if we think there is :)

  3. You are not a neutral critic!

  4. @anonymous: I am on the way there!!

  5. After a long time, now i felt like readin some blog!! And... I came in here.. Gud review!! :)..

  6. Kums K said...
    @anonymous: I am on the way there!!

    hey kums i would like to appreciate your attitude keep up.



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