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The Gift of Complaining

We have been gifted with this life and what do we do? And yet the most we use is the gift of complaining. Complain about everything!! 
When will we stop complaining? We started the moment we gained consciousness about the world. Man has turned out to be far more demanding than he used to be, I think. Or is it like man was designed that way?
We hunted for animals, no clothes to wear, only caves to live. We wanted something better. We moved on to better tools, fire, we moved to villages. And then I don't know.. something like that happened.. And then something else happened.. and then here we are staring at our computer screens and living a far more sophisticated life than our forefathers.
But are you satisfied with what you have? Do you think you are gifted? The answer is probably no. Even I am going to say no. I want more. Why can't I be satisfied with what I have already? May be because I don't know the value of what I have. I am no big head yogi to give you or myself an…