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Missing you, Mumbai!

I dreaded going to mumbai!! But  now after coming back from there I am missing it so much.. I loved it as much as I hated it!
A beautiful home (note: I did  not say house!) at a luxury appartment, room mates like a family, work place at a walkable distance, everything within reach. No place has treated me so well until now (with the excemption of coimbatore, ofcourse).
I was just "Kumutha" to my roomies, and by the time it became "Namma Kumutha" I was kicked out of Bombay, kinda a thing that I bought upon myself! I was transferred to Chennai!! Well that story is for later..
I Loved Mumbai... hmmm.. THANE to be exact. I loved the local trains, even though they were crowded, they were on time. I loved the rickshaws!! Really!!
When you get a nice place to stay in, you eventually love the city. I guess that is what happened to me. I know I was one of the lucky people, my roomies themselves were homeless for the first few days. "Mumbai is the financial capital of India…