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Missing you, Mumbai!

I dreaded going to mumbai!! But  now after coming back from there I am missing it so much.. I loved it as much as I hated it!

A beautiful home (note: I did  not say house!) at a luxury appartment, room mates like a family, work place at a walkable distance, everything within reach. No place has treated me so well until now (with the excemption of coimbatore, ofcourse).

I was just "Kumutha" to my roomies, and by the time it became "Namma Kumutha" I was kicked out of Bombay, kinda a thing that I bought upon myself! I was transferred to Chennai!! Well that story is for later..

I Loved Mumbai... hmmm.. THANE to be exact. I loved the local trains, even though they were crowded, they were on time. I loved the rickshaws!! Really!!

When you get a nice place to stay in, you eventually love the city. I guess that is what happened to me. I know I was one of the lucky people, my roomies themselves were homeless for the first few days. "Mumbai is the financial capital of India, everything is very professional, people in Mumbai are friendly and nice to you when you are nice to them... blah blah blah" - I was told before I left for Mumbai and how true they were!

You only realize something was good for you after losing it.

For the first time, I stayed in an apartment. We made our own food. Cooking was fun! Thats when we had all the fun. One cut the onions while the other took care of the dish on the Induction Stove. If atleast one good happened to me there, that is I learnt to live, cook and clean. :D my mother-in-law (when I have one) will not complain!

Friday evenings were for me to experiment in the kitchen. The very first dish that I cooked was a huge flop, because I did not know the thermodynamics and mechanics of the Induction stove :P. But, later I proved myself and my roomies that I am a decent cook and grew-up to a level where my roomies started asking for dishes from me. :D (I am so proud to say that :) )

Saturdays we walked to a shopping mall called the R-Mall on the Ghodbunder Road. We went there for nothing on one day and to buy a big bag full of groceries the next time.. It was our weekend spot, when we spent it at home.

Sundays were for cleaning the house :). Sweeping and cleaning the floors, rearranging the kitchen counters and washing the bathrooms. Yes, we did it all on our own, no need to worry about keeping your things safe and doing the monitoring when the maid is in.

At this moment I want to thank my roomies, Indu, Elavarasi, Jeni, Saranya, and Valli for making me feel at home in a city where I was sure that I was going to see hell, I was loved and accepted instead. I have fallen in love with Mumbai because of you girls. Love you all. :)

I have a lot more to say... that will come later :)


  1. Lot more to say ?????... U must have had an eventful 3 months in MUMBAI........ Sorry... Actually THANE .. rite??...

  2. nice one.. brings back my pune memories... :)

  3. @arjun: yeah... there is more on shopping, elephanta caves..
    @raghunandhan: :) thank you

  4. I am following your blog for quite a while, i live in thane.

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    Madhuresh KS

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