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After so many days of hot sun and blasting air... The monsoons are back!!!

What a day!! It is such a beautiful day... Ideal climate for loooooong bike rides - cool air, soft drizzle, long and shiny black roads!! Oh my my... I wish I had been for a ride!!

To all people who enjoy the monsoons... "Happy Monsoons!!" :) :)

TEACHER!! - Me??!!

When one of my friends suggested that we start a training program for the school students, I told myself, "This is going to be easy, after all half of your family are teachers and you have two in your own family!! you are a born Teacher!!"

I had doubts about the program being accepted in school. As I thought, they did not accept it that easily!! Till now we have not got a big YES!! we have just completed a demo class.

Still, demo or not a class is a class and this was my first time, and a very different one from the rare seminars I handled at college. Eventhough I have been on stage a lot of times, everytime I stand before a crowd, I feel the stage fear returning. But, this time was different. I have always dreamt about becoming a teacher.

We devised and revised the plan again and again... deciding what we are going to do in the one hour thirty minutes provided to us. So when we finally got that settled we started preparing.. I was going to start the session. My friends alwa…


One thing I love about Coimbatore is its rains...!!! We, the Coimbatoreans are gifted with rains during both the south-west and north-east monsoon season.

The first of rains for this season made an amazing entry I should say. What started as a hot day turned out to be very cool... and the climate has remained cool till now. Never very hot and never bitingly cold - that's what makes Coimbatore really special.. I hope people who have left Coimbatore would agree with me.

Rain and rain drops, according to me, make a beautiful subject of photography... :) even if i am not a great photographer, I have tried to capture their beauty with my lens :)

The first picture shows drops of rain water on a young leaf. I think it looks happy :) I always liked playing with water drops on glass, this time I have played with my lens :)

(P.S: I think the water marks are ok this time??)

Get Sandal Compatible ;)

Here is a procedure for a home pedicure, a secret how to get beautiful, clean and neat feet :)

*The very first step to be followed, to get a pedicure done is... find some free time in a weekend :)

*Now, find a comfortable place to sit. You have to dip your feet in a bucket of water so better choose a place which will be comfortable for such a position.

*It's going to take some time so better take a book or an i-pod to keep u going. (you know its pretty boring sitting still)

*And now we get into the real procedure...

*Get a bucket/tub/something that is wide enough for you to dip your feet in it. Fill it to half(dont over fill it, chances are high that the water will spill when you dip your feet into it.) with warm water(note: its only warm water, not hot water. Well actually the terms are relative so heat the water until you think you can bear the heat)

*Now that we have the water ready... mix two tea spoons of table salt(in this case you need not bother about its iodine content ;-…