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TEACHER!! - Me??!!

When one of my friends suggested that we start a training program for the school students, I told myself, "This is going to be easy, after all half of your family are teachers and you have two in your own family!! you are a born Teacher!!"

I had doubts about the program being accepted in school. As I thought, they did not accept it that easily!! Till now we have not got a big YES!! we have just completed a demo class.

Still, demo or not a class is a class and this was my first time, and a very different one from the rare seminars I handled at college. Eventhough I have been on stage a lot of times, everytime I stand before a crowd, I feel the stage fear returning. But, this time was different. I have always dreamt about becoming a teacher.

We devised and revised the plan again and again... deciding what we are going to do in the one hour thirty minutes provided to us. So when we finally got that settled we started preparing.. I was going to start the session. My friends always dumped me with the opening!! We went to school a full half an hour early!! (never been so early!!) Our allotted time was in the afternoon just after the lunch hour!!! I have always felt sorry for the staff handling classes at that time of the day.

The school Principal made a breif introduction and left. I went inside the class with a "Good afternoon, class!" they wished me back "good afternoon,...." did not know how to address me I guess!! My heart was beating at a rate which I feared would make it stop beating!! Then I asked them, "Had a nice lunch??"

And whatever happened after that is purely... MAGIC!!! I never thought that I will talk and that my heart will beat normally!! When we completed the session we gave them the feedback forms and got them filled. I was really in high spirits, had springs in my step I should say!! And later on reading the feedback forms made the difference... May be they wrote we were good out of good heartedness or we really were, I dont know!! I don't wish to know...

What really matters is how it made me feel... Teaching is such a beautiful job to do. "you were great", "excellent" blah blah blah do not matter at all!! "Thanks for coming, we want you to come again and again!!", "I will follow what you told me today", "I knew loads about college, I AM READY TO FACE IT!!" - I dont have to explain how it felt... just read these comments... and wont that make you feel great??!!

Students wont listen to you, they will laugh at you, they will be rebellious,....... were some of the comments I heard when I told people that I am going to teach at school. They are certainly true, as a student I know that too!! I expected the worst to happen!! I was lucky they were a cute crowd. :)

Well, now I know how it feels to be a teacher and I have made a promise to myself that I will try my best to be a good student for what is left of my UG :)



  1. So cute!! If the teacher is cute and soft why will the crowd not be? :D lol!! Awesome kums darling!! :) All the best for the next phase of life :)


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