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Relationships: Spec: Male-Female

One of my friends Bharathi had written about relationships in her blog and that was the key to this post... along with some serious thinking I had been doing all night and all morning I'm posting my views on this, because its a-topic-that-never-bores-me...

First of all, why are people reluctant to fall into relationships... anything from friendship to love...?? Its because of the fear or rejection, fear of failure and the fear of the pain if the other two factors of fear come true... OK agreed either one of them had a break up or a bitter experience in the form of a past love or best friend.. But why should they compare the present with the past? Past is past... gone... done... been there done that and its over... wake up!!

Then there is this time and distance factor... If the distance is too much like either one is ISD/STD and its tough on the purse and time to travel... people gotta be strong and trust plays a major role... and then there is this time factor... both stay a few m…

Unjalur :)

Well, I'm posting this really late... 11 weeks late!!

I have a very nice friend, Barani Jalandar from college. She had been asking me to visit her native for long. And i had been smitten by the idea of celebrating pongal in the village... and the fact that there is River Cauvery running through their village made it all the more alluring.

DAY 1:

So we decided to go there for Pongal this year(13th thro 17th Jan'10).. We both bunked college on 13th Jan to avoid the holiday rush in the bus. We started from Coimbatore early in the morning at about 7:00 in the morning and reached there roughly at 9:30.

After landing at Erode we decided to go on a shopping spree before we went home. Well before I proceed further, Unjalur is located between Erode and Kodumudi and is 45 minutes away from Erode. Now that I have got the location right back to the shopping...

We took a mini bus ride from the bus stand to panneerselvam park, where all the shops like Barani Silks (which was the target for …