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If this was the "about me" of my resume, would I get a job?

I'm overconfident. Egoistic. But I ask when I don't know. I am not self motivated. I need a pat on the back. I cannot take criticism if I know I'm not wrong. I like sugar coated pills. I do not work hard because I have to.Recognition money and knowledge are the only things that drive me. I cant work where I don't get respect. I do what I do to protect my image. If you think highly of me I make sure that that image is not spoiled. Nobody can make me work by giving me negative feedback. I thrive on positive feedback.Keep saying I'm bad I'll continue to be bad. Cause I don't have to prove you wrong I know I am good. I'm selfish I gotta get something in return for what I do. If you are not giving I am not doing.This is the only way to make me work. May be immature I don't care. Or may be I'm not fit to be an employee and I should be a freelancer.

Crying At The Movies

The Notebook: One movie I refused to watch because I knew I was going to cry. I first read the Wikipedia plot and that by itself made me cry. Every time I see the movie I cry no matter what. To forget the people that you love the most can be one of the worst things that can happen to people. Their pain and love is so real it affects me personally. It's as if I'm there.This had me thinking... That is not the only movie that makes me cry. Any movie with emotion makes me cry. Movies are fine.. Books? Books make me cry too! I just can't resist. To think of it, good music makes me cry!That's the only reason why I avoid going to the theatres to watch movies with sad endings. It's embarrassing to cry at the movies. This is also why I consider it a gift from god to be able to find a friend who doesn't mind crying at the movies and to top it off cries with you and doesn't judge you.Am I being too emotional? I'm not sure. Is it healthy? I think so! Sometimes I en…