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Thought Process of a Hobby Junkie

So today in the morning I had this good for nothing thought process going on in my mind which resulted in this:
Sometimes when you are a hobby junkie you end up asking yourself what is that ONE thing you want to do in life? What is your true interest? I haven't found an answer to that until this very moment. One day I dream of pursuing my interest in music and then one day I see myself wearing a photographer's vest and then one another day my dream of being rich and quenching my wanderlust.
But I guess I can photograph my travel destination and that singing while at it won't hurt. And just when I come to such a solution I start going after arts and crafts. Now, that's back to square one! Then I had to make this list.
Why being a jack of all trades sucks:
> you are not really an expert in anything. > you are not sure what your true interest is > people call you half baked > you end up buying stuff for each of your hobbies and then they end up in storage until your …

The Gift of Complaining

We have been gifted with this life and what do we do? And yet the most we use is the gift of complaining. Complain about everything!! 
When will we stop complaining? We started the moment we gained consciousness about the world. Man has turned out to be far more demanding than he used to be, I think. Or is it like man was designed that way?
We hunted for animals, no clothes to wear, only caves to live. We wanted something better. We moved on to better tools, fire, we moved to villages. And then I don't know.. something like that happened.. And then something else happened.. and then here we are staring at our computer screens and living a far more sophisticated life than our forefathers.
But are you satisfied with what you have? Do you think you are gifted? The answer is probably no. Even I am going to say no. I want more. Why can't I be satisfied with what I have already? May be because I don't know the value of what I have. I am no big head yogi to give you or myself an…

An Affair with the Written World

Just like many of you out there, I started my affair with the written world when I was a little girl. I remember reading Sleeping Beauty, Tom Sawyer and Tintin as a young girl. I grew up in a family where you find everybody sitting in their favorite corners of the house with a book in hand on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
My world was limited to reading weeklies, short stories and comics until I encountered Sidney Sheldon in my late (very late) teens. Almost everybody starts their book reading journey with Sheldon these days. He is one of the most popular writers of this age.
One thing I like most about books is that they make you imagine and learn at the same time. I am almost always influenced by the book's content. My English becomes better for a few days after I have finished reading a good book :D. Some are so engaging that you cry and rejoice along with the characters. Whenever I start reading a book it is as if I establish a connection with it. I just cannot put it down until …

Neethane En Ponvasandham - My POV

Cute. Cute is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about this movie. Varun and Nithya bring some really nice memories alive. This movie has got mixed reviews. May be people who could not empathize with the characters did not understand it.
Granted that there were too many Gautham Menon cliché's. Hero in an engineering college. Herochasing the heroine to wherever she is. And the feet worshipping! And Menon must have a thing for guitars, singing and trains.

Samantha is cute as Nithya, Jeeva has come a long way from his Thithikudhe days. I love the romance in the movie. Everything from the apartment play area, the car and the terrace. These are some places to which people can relate themselves to. I love that they have a swing set to share. I love that they have a drawing to cherish. I love that Nithya feels happy when Varun offers to pay. I love that they enjoy their car rides. I love that they kiss. I love that Varun gets possessive and Nithya gets feisty. I love that…