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The Gift of Complaining

We have been gifted with this life and what do we do? And yet the most we use is the gift of complaining. Complain about everything!! 

When will we stop complaining? We started the moment we gained consciousness about the world. Man has turned out to be far more demanding than he used to be, I think. Or is it like man was designed that way?

We hunted for animals, no clothes to wear, only caves to live. We wanted something better. We moved on to better tools, fire, we moved to villages. And then I don't know.. something like that happened.. And then something else happened.. and then here we are staring at our computer screens and living a far more sophisticated life than our forefathers.

But are you satisfied with what you have? Do you think you are gifted? The answer is probably no. Even I am going to say no. I want more. Why can't I be satisfied with what I have already? May be because I don't know the value of what I have. I am no big head yogi to give you or myself any advice about being satisfied with what is already there.

But I think I should stop complaining. I think you should stop complaining too. Whenever you feel like complaining I want you to see these two videos and think how gifted you are:

Those kids in the above videos don't have two important things that you have! There are people who don't have more than that. I know for sure that just watching these two videos is not going to make me or you stop complaining forever.

What I am aiming at is the love and compassion you are feeling for those kids right now. And the sense of peace you are feeling right now. And the fact that you appreciate that you are reading this blog with your eyes while you listen to your favorite music and you are more gifted than many other.

Stay in peace with your life for at the least a few minutes! Peace.

P.S: Thanks to Asha for mentioning one of the above videos in her blog which in turn inspired me to think this through.


  1. Have you noticed kids in the own world, they talk to themselves, move around.

    When they grow up, they just forget their world.
    Equivalent to how they perform in LKG-> 1st std. Can I even say, Ignorance is bliss :)

  2. Excellent thought kums....True!! it takes time for people to realize the truth..But are they really ready to make the change possible..????

  3. @Vinodvv I totally agree man! I still do that sometimes but being a kid is always more awesome.. so curious, so happy and so easy.. *sigh*
    @Kavitha nobody is ready to change.. im only trying to say that try to be at peace with yourself from time to time..

  4. It always takes a pinch for every one to wake up!!! >> out of this so called busy world around them >> Thanks for the pinch>>> will be awake for few mins >> [video]

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  8. From the time a baby learns to fuss when nothing is wrong until they begin to speak and want it now. I have found the verse in the Bible that says, "I have learned in any situation to be content." is a good verse. We should be thankful for more and begin to count our blessings and not our sorrows.

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