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Lucciano Pizzichini

One of my Uncles showed this video to my Father and he showed it to me! I'm thanking my Uncle for showing this to him. See the video!! use the link below. :)

The young boy in the video is just 9 years old now. I guess he is Spanish because I think the people in the video speak Espanol. The little guy plays the songs of Carlos Santana who is a great musician and is also seen the video.

By the end of the video Carlos and the others present at the studio give him a standing ovation and that moved me to tears!! such a cute, small kid plays like he is made of music! He is a very gifted person! :) u'll love him...

Leading Lady/Best Friend?

I have always prided myself for being a good listener. But I do know that I need to be listened to too.. How long can one be just a listener!!??

I have known people who loath me talking, love me talking and also people who loved me talking but loathed me later!! (ugh!! am i that bad?!)

Even if I can't solve my own problems... I think I can help the other girls out!

There are only two kinds of boys - chauvinistic and very chauvinistic!! (call me a feminist!! - I give a Damn!) They always want only two things in a girl - mystery and slavery!!

If you are a city girl, a career woman or a very out-spoken girl... then you will always be treated as the "best friend" type. There are always two types of girls even in the movies - the leading lady and the best friend.

for the leading lady:
The girl has to be naughty yet very responsible, matured and childish, tall fair slim and beautiful (so that he can show her off), possessive but not demanding,he wears the listener mask you tal…


Deepavali (deepa avali - array of lights) - Its one festival that's celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm and happiness!!

This year I decided to make it special by cooking all the three meals for the day!! (well, all the people who ate it are alive and happy so I guess it was good)

The menu was paal payasam, chilli gobi, fried rice, kadai paneer.

Cooking all the items was not the big deal.. but how I felt made the difference. Most of the times I cook for myself and that's not so great! You cook and if somebody else enjoys it(smack!) then you feel great!

I never thought I can be house-wife material.. But doing all the cleaning and cooking left me feeling like that.. :) Not only me.. every girl feels like this when she does something like this... I guess. From my experience and from what i hear off my female friends, I came to this kind of a conclusion.

Its nothing but the "what you do you become" concept!! You hurt you get hurt; you help you get help; you …

Kandhasamy - From my point of view!!

The movie brings a sense of deja vu. May be you can call this a high class remix of different movies :)

Anniyan - It was a website in Shankar's here it is a letter :)

Shivaji and Gentleman - Steal the money from the rich and give it to the poor.

Manmadhan - Vikram's nose bleeds in a scene!!

Dhoom 1 - Pizza delivery!!

And there must be more!!

Vikam looks hot as always :) Shriya could have worn some dress in the movie!! Vadivelu rocks!! Some scenes like where Vadivelu is being questioned by the police make you want to roll on the floor laughing!! And it is not only the comedy track that makes you laugh... personally I laughed my head off when Shriya ran on the road to catch Vikram flying in his bike... stunt aama!!!

Is it a rule that an item girl should dance with the villain?? Meenakumari song is so comical!! OMG he would have done better if he hadn't danced but sit and lust over her. I am not satisfied with the picturization of "excuse me" song. Suchitra's vo…

Being Happy - A sin??!!

I actually debated over a few titles for this post

1. having a nice time - a sin??
2. enjoying with friends - a sin??
3. being happy - a sin??

so then i decided over the third as i felt that it would describe my current mood perfectly!! I travel two and a half hours daily by college bus. The morning's journey is faster than the evening's. We do not really feel tired in the mornings but we may feel tired and drained out in the evenings.

So we play games, laugh a lot, have fun in the bus in the evenings.... it makes us forget how long the journey is and we really feel charged up!! But the staffs don't like it... i don't like the fact that they don't like it!! wish they play with us for a day and feel the difference!! :o

we are students and when we are as a group we are bound to be noisy.. they complain that the people on the road will watch us; they mean it like we wantedly do that to grab attention!! just wish they know about the attention/response or whatever given…


After so many days of hot sun and blasting air... The monsoons are back!!!

What a day!! It is such a beautiful day... Ideal climate for loooooong bike rides - cool air, soft drizzle, long and shiny black roads!! Oh my my... I wish I had been for a ride!!

To all people who enjoy the monsoons... "Happy Monsoons!!" :) :)

TEACHER!! - Me??!!

When one of my friends suggested that we start a training program for the school students, I told myself, "This is going to be easy, after all half of your family are teachers and you have two in your own family!! you are a born Teacher!!"

I had doubts about the program being accepted in school. As I thought, they did not accept it that easily!! Till now we have not got a big YES!! we have just completed a demo class.

Still, demo or not a class is a class and this was my first time, and a very different one from the rare seminars I handled at college. Eventhough I have been on stage a lot of times, everytime I stand before a crowd, I feel the stage fear returning. But, this time was different. I have always dreamt about becoming a teacher.

We devised and revised the plan again and again... deciding what we are going to do in the one hour thirty minutes provided to us. So when we finally got that settled we started preparing.. I was going to start the session. My friends alwa…


One thing I love about Coimbatore is its rains...!!! We, the Coimbatoreans are gifted with rains during both the south-west and north-east monsoon season.

The first of rains for this season made an amazing entry I should say. What started as a hot day turned out to be very cool... and the climate has remained cool till now. Never very hot and never bitingly cold - that's what makes Coimbatore really special.. I hope people who have left Coimbatore would agree with me.

Rain and rain drops, according to me, make a beautiful subject of photography... :) even if i am not a great photographer, I have tried to capture their beauty with my lens :)

The first picture shows drops of rain water on a young leaf. I think it looks happy :) I always liked playing with water drops on glass, this time I have played with my lens :)

(P.S: I think the water marks are ok this time??)

Get Sandal Compatible ;)

Here is a procedure for a home pedicure, a secret how to get beautiful, clean and neat feet :)

*The very first step to be followed, to get a pedicure done is... find some free time in a weekend :)

*Now, find a comfortable place to sit. You have to dip your feet in a bucket of water so better choose a place which will be comfortable for such a position.

*It's going to take some time so better take a book or an i-pod to keep u going. (you know its pretty boring sitting still)

*And now we get into the real procedure...

*Get a bucket/tub/something that is wide enough for you to dip your feet in it. Fill it to half(dont over fill it, chances are high that the water will spill when you dip your feet into it.) with warm water(note: its only warm water, not hot water. Well actually the terms are relative so heat the water until you think you can bear the heat)

*Now that we have the water ready... mix two tea spoons of table salt(in this case you need not bother about its iodine content ;-…

Hide n Seek..!!!

It is summer...!! I think I am gifted to spend my summers in Coimbatore...!! :) The temperature rarely shoots up more than 38 degree.

Today morning, I got up late... (skipped my morning walk) It was around 8:30 when I shot this picture :). Looks like the sun is playing hide and seek in the morning.. guess he is in a playful mood today...!!

Heard that it rained near Kuniamuthur. I am expecting some "mango showers"(that's what we call rain in summer, right?? remember learning something like that in school!!??) here in the eastern end of Coimbatore too...

As I write this, I look outside... he is out now..!! Hope he hides again :)

Have A Beautiful Summer...!!!

(Took this photograph with my camera set in the hi-key mode)

Tag..!! :)

1. Where is your cell phone?
On the table, besides the mouse.. easy to reach..!!

2. Where is your significant other?
Well... you knw.. its kind off... tought question...!!!!!!!!!!

3. Your hair color?
Dark Brown I guess... :)

4. You’re a mother?
Not yet..!! ;)

6. Your favorite thing?
Cant be partial towards just one... my fav things are my camera, my mobile, my activa, list goes on...!!

7. Your dream last night?
Guess i had a sound sleep.. i dont remember the dream...

8. Your dream/goal?
Complete my UG successfully and then continue my studies to become Professor (or at the least Professional) Kumutha. :)

9. The room you're in.
The Hall.

10. Your hobby?
Photography, Books, The Internet and Music

11. Your fear?

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Six years from now I dont want to be in my hometown.. would like to go see the world... And probably i'll be a bride-to-be or newly wed.. :)

13. Where were you last night?
Last night I was at Hogwarts School of Witc…


May 13th'09, Wednesday.... I'm all excited...!!! I
am a big girl..!!! I'm going to VOTE...!!!!

I got up early in the morning, (after a long time i
saw the sunrise) went for a walk with my school chum.
I happily came back at 7:15AM and saw my Dad
browsing the fakeiplplayer blog... we discussed that
blog and yaaa... its time to cast the vote...!!!

We went to the polling booth... So many people..!!! So
early..!!! Looks like people(including me) are very
enthusiastic about voting this time...

Before I proceed further, I have to say that my name
was not in the list when the party people came home
to give the slips. They asked me to come to the
office so that I can get my name verified; I went
there and I got my own slip.. even then my name was
missing in the list but they assured me that my name
will be there in the main list when I go to vote...

Was it there...???? Alas... Noooooooo....!!!!!!

I was actually praying to god that my name must be
there in the list.

My number is 90…

Happy Mother's Day, Amma...

Dear Amma,

I honestly did not know what to buy you this mother's day... And finally i decided to write a letter telling you how much you mean to me and how much I love you...

You are the world's best mother, Amma. No one in the world can be as caring and loving as you, mom. I love you for loving me. I know you do not love me alone... but everyone who knows you thinks that they are special to you. You make us feel special, mom. The infinite number of hugs and kisses you give me daily makes me feel happy, wanted and protected.

The way you wait at the gate to watch me cross the street in my cycle on my way to school... the way you kiss me good night everyday... the way you wake me up from bed on my birthday... your oil massages on diwali... the way you bite me when I do something really cute and naughty (it never pained but I did lie)... the way you call me... the way you talk to my friends, you always manage to befriend them so fast and they easily forget me..!!

It has been near…

Exams... love it or hate it....?!?!?!

I have never been able to define my feelings about exams...

I hate exams because....

everyone you meet says, "do your exams well, nallaa padikkanum". you have to cut short the time on phone; wake-up very early in the morning... see the sun rise which you have not done for months...!!! worst cant read a magazine leisurely... if you do, "are they going to ask about the magazine in your exams??" comes the question.. arrrghhh... same applies for the news paper supplimentary too.. you plan to study in the night and sleep in the afternoon.. "dont sleep all day... get up and learn..!!". And you discuss subjects on the phone..!!!!

I love exams beacause....

you can stay awake all night with a novel inside your subject book.. all think that you have been learning all night while whatever you did was sail into another world..!! you sleep lot the next day "she has been learning all night... let her rest". friends call you before every exam and wish you all …

2009's Special Full Moon

This photograph was taken on the 10th of January'09 - a full moon day. I guess the first full moon day of 2009.

It is said that on that day 2009's biggest and brightest full moon appeared. (well, thats y i took the photo ;) )

14% bigger and 30% brighter...!!! (smiling at me you see) it was looking like a cheese ball that day...!!

This photograph was shot with an Olympus digital SLR camera 40-150mm lens on full zoom from my terrace with a portion of the coconut palm (to add some poetic effect). 16/5 s exposure time with f-number 14.

The Value Of a Woman...!!

This is an SMS i received from my school friend with whom i share my 'at times' feminist ideas... (well im not an out and out feminist)

here goes the msg....

This couldn't be said more beautifully.. be careful if you make a woman cry, because god counts her tears.

A woman came out of a man's rib.....

Not from his feet to be walked on.. not from his head to be superior over, but from his side to be an equal.

Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved...!!!!!!

This message is dedicated to all the exceptional women i know and to men too so they will know the value of a woman.