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Hide n Seek..!!!

It is summer...!! I think I am gifted to spend my summers in Coimbatore...!! :) The temperature rarely shoots up more than 38 degree.

Today morning, I got up late... (skipped my morning walk) It was around 8:30 when I shot this picture :). Looks like the sun is playing hide and seek in the morning.. guess he is in a playful mood today...!!

Heard that it rained near Kuniamuthur. I am expecting some "mango showers"(that's what we call rain in summer, right?? remember learning something like that in school!!??) here in the eastern end of Coimbatore too...

As I write this, I look outside... he is out now..!! Hope he hides again :)

Have A Beautiful Summer...!!!

(Took this photograph with my camera set in the hi-key mode)


  1. it is not your best photo and btw you need to do a better "kkc photography" thing. the present one is too garish.

  2. hmmm... I actually did not post this to show-off my photograhy :) just did it to tell abt the weather

  3. Watermarks again :(. Why not make it smaller and less opaque. Watermarks really spoil the photographs. You might also want to release the work under a Creative Commons license.

  4. Hey Kums, hope you could improve your blog by posting live updates for the whole day.. something like 24x7 blogging updates :)


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