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May 13th'09, Wednesday.... I'm all excited...!!! I
am a big girl..!!! I'm going to VOTE...!!!!

I got up early in the morning, (after a long time i
saw the sunrise) went for a walk with my school chum.
I happily came back at 7:15AM and saw my Dad
browsing the fakeiplplayer blog... we discussed that
blog and yaaa... its time to cast the vote...!!!

We went to the polling booth... So many people..!!! So
early..!!! Looks like people(including me) are very
enthusiastic about voting this time...

Before I proceed further, I have to say that my name
was not in the list when the party people came home
to give the slips. They asked me to come to the
office so that I can get my name verified; I went
there and I got my own slip.. even then my name was
missing in the list but they assured me that my name
will be there in the main list when I go to vote...

Was it there...???? Alas... Noooooooo....!!!!!!

I was actually praying to god that my name must be
there in the list.

My number is 905 and the polling
officials say that the total is something around 815
0r 850...!!!!!???? If we assume that my number is
last, a minimum of 55 people have been left out...!!!!

Imagine how much will be the number of people left
out, how many people are being deprived of their
right to vote...!!! looks like a shankar's movie
dialog... but still I want you to think...

And you really want to vote, you ask them what to
do..?? Then they give you a big list of polling
booths and tell you to go and check the lists
there.. I am young, I have a vehicle and I can go
around the city and vote... what about older
people... what about people who cant move around???

The Voter's ID is something that is important.. But
it is totally a disaster... A male's ID with a
female's photo... A female's ID with the right name
and age but the sex is male...!!! how stupid these
things called ID look...!!! Well, my card has a wrong
address and the right ward number...!!


For the past month, along with my examinations I
had been preparing to vote. Endless discussions
with Dad and my friend (increasing his phone bills).
Reading all the poll analysis in the magazines and
news papers... All for nothing...!!!

I had been waiting to turn 18. Now I have a driving
license and an voter's ID with a wrong address, but I
cant vote..!! Enna koduma sir idhu..??

Well there is a lesson we have to learn from this...
a month before any election kindly go to the polling
booth and get your name enlisted so that
you can vote. Having an Voter's ID alone is not
enough. I dont agree with non-voters... but look at
me I myself did not vote this time... People tell me
that earlier days the party people themselves worked
to include everybody on the list... they have lost
55 votes...

Voting is your right and duty.. You can change the
face of a nation... I believe in it. So, don't expect
other people to include your name in the list.. go
ahead and get yourself enlisted.. and it does not
mean that if your name has been enlisted this time
it must be there the next time..better check out
before every election (for people who are really
interested to vote).

Indian Citizen


  1. Maybe you were enthu because it was your first time Kums. Later on see, you'll get frustrated just like the rest of us. The way to change India is not through the government, but through businesses and NGos. I can't vote either, stuck at thnjavur, exams see. More over the parties have realized that it's the briyani and quarter that get the votes, not educated people or welfare schemes. So their nonchalance is, regrettable, but justified (in a twisted way).

  2. May be sathyan... paappom... i do think there can be some change.. im not talking about changes that occur in cinemas... just a small change avlo thaan...

  3. hi kums,
    its well written, nice to read. simple n stylish. and as u said its our duty to varify the voters list early to confirm our votes.

    meanwhile am bit surprised( infact very much) that an 18 year old girl who is issued voters card is not in voters list. thats sounds surprising.!!! normally it never happens.

    anyway all the best next time.....
    n do work for a better democracy...

  4. hey kums!!
    cool down!! do whatevr is necessary to get ya right, get prepared from now on n cast ya vote next time.. ne sonna maari na dhan unakku badhil vote pantenae ;).. and neva lose ya spirits in future!! Neva fail to vote in ya lifetime!!

  5. hey.. with each post your blogs are getting better.. this one is really good.. aduthu namma oor election varum .. adhula vote podu..voters id la address maranadhu lam usual stuff..arasiyal la edhellam sagajam appa..

  6. @greg: thanks...!!

    @linus: i am happy that you agree with me.. well, thanks for your wishes... i will make sure i vote next time... :)

    @abi: Abi, i will not fail to vote abi... will try my level best to vote in all the elections..!!

    @satya: thank you satya.. address maruradhu sagajama irukkalaam.. but it does not look great.. does it??

  7. i agree with you. most of our voters ids are messed up. the last time i voted, my name was terribly misspelt. 'They Don't Care About Us.' lets hope for a better future.


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