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Stupidity Never Dies!

I have been talking.. whining about chain mails and SMS for such a long time. And recently one of the mails that I came across rekindled the anger and frustration towards their stupidity!

It says "11 year old girl pregnant" and you should read it to understand why it really got on my nerves... SPELLING mistakes! How could I not laugh at a threat that has spelling mistakes in it?

I quote here: "I will slid your body in half and then i will stab u 1 million times until all of your blood is out of you body i will take off all of your clothes and leave you naked, but dont worry, there wont be any of your skin left, i will break all of your bones, and i? will eat everything that is left of you... enjoy"

I have quoted a sample mistake in red. And did it really say "Enjoy?" hell yeah it did! And why would any dead person feel shy? No need to take off the skin I say! Dear Murderer, I'd like to spare some time for you, I do not feel shy when I am dead. No need to do any skin peeling. Thanks loads.

And for anybody who is going to send me a stupid chain mail again: I warn you, do not send me anything like this to me or my friends, if not your inbox is going to be full of your S***!

My dear friends do not hesitate to spam them back! Tit for tat! spam for spam!

P.S: I was a reading an article about clues that help find terrorists, they are capable of forging anything but their grammar/spelling mistakes. I wonder who starts off all these stupid things..


  1. Oh the irony! ^---- the comment above me.

  2. Hahaha. I have never even considered the thought to spam them back. Maybe give them a little more of their medicine when you respond back with even worse spelling and grammar than they use!

    "thanks loads" hahaha


    1. well it worked for me.. :D i got an SMS saying if i dont send this to 20 people i will fail.. i sent it back to the sender 20 times :P from then on i never received any SMS like that!!

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  4. Poop a doop a scoop.

  5. @bump: thank you
    @lakshmi: good to see your comment here! thanks!
    @cinemanews: thank you

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  7. I agree with you. Spam and stupidity is everywhere in the Net. Sometimes you have to see horrible video, ex. "A lorry smashed a 3-month baby", and it's pointed as "Cool". And sometimes it's just a practicle joke, a very stupid and cruel one, also pointed as "Cool". I think, it may be funny only for square fools, isn't it?

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