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Leading Lady/Best Friend?

I have always prided myself for being a good listener. But I do know that I need to be listened to too.. How long can one be just a listener!!??

I have known people who loath me talking, love me talking and also people who loved me talking but loathed me later!! (ugh!! am i that bad?!)

Even if I can't solve my own problems... I think I can help the other girls out!

There are only two kinds of boys - chauvinistic and very chauvinistic!! (call me a feminist!! - I give a Damn!) They always want only two things in a girl - mystery and slavery!!

If you are a city girl, a career woman or a very out-spoken girl... then you will always be treated as the "best friend" type. There are always two types of girls even in the movies - the leading lady and the best friend.

for the leading lady:
The girl has to be naughty yet very responsible, matured and childish, tall fair slim and beautiful (so that he can show her off), possessive but not demanding,he wears the listener mask you tal…


Deepavali (deepa avali - array of lights) - Its one festival that's celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm and happiness!!

This year I decided to make it special by cooking all the three meals for the day!! (well, all the people who ate it are alive and happy so I guess it was good)

The menu was paal payasam, chilli gobi, fried rice, kadai paneer.

Cooking all the items was not the big deal.. but how I felt made the difference. Most of the times I cook for myself and that's not so great! You cook and if somebody else enjoys it(smack!) then you feel great!

I never thought I can be house-wife material.. But doing all the cleaning and cooking left me feeling like that.. :) Not only me.. every girl feels like this when she does something like this... I guess. From my experience and from what i hear off my female friends, I came to this kind of a conclusion.

Its nothing but the "what you do you become" concept!! You hurt you get hurt; you help you get help; you …