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Leading Lady/Best Friend?

I have always prided myself for being a good listener. But I do know that I need to be listened to too.. How long can one be just a listener!!??

I have known people who loath me talking, love me talking and also people who loved me talking but loathed me later!! (ugh!! am i that bad?!)

Even if I can't solve my own problems... I think I can help the other girls out!

There are only two kinds of boys - chauvinistic and very chauvinistic!! (call me a feminist!! - I give a Damn!) They always want only two things in a girl - mystery and slavery!!

If you are a city girl, a career woman or a very out-spoken girl... then you will always be treated as the "best friend" type. There are always two types of girls even in the movies - the leading lady and the best friend.

for the leading lady:
The girl has to be naughty yet very responsible, matured and childish, tall fair slim and beautiful (so that he can show her off), possessive but not demanding,he wears the listener mask you talk if not you shut up.

hey Mr.:
What do you think you are doing, uh?? If you want to play with a girl go buy a barbie or a talking female robot(if you can afford it) because she wont cry or demand attention or expect you to love her back.. she will be your slave for life...

Indha kashtathukku pesama appa paathu katti vekkura kuppano suppano better... adhu varaikkum... enjoy madi!! Why bother about being the leading lady while you can still be the best friend forever!! (i know i know it is not so good an idea but.. we could be ourselves this way)


  1. Good one...i guess we all will always be in the best frnd category :D

    I still don't understand, these guys love their best frnd, but would still not admit it, grrrr!

  2. so what kind of guy i am to u kums???

  3. hi Whats wrong i feel u r disturbed for a quite long time just mail me as u used to call me during 11 and 12th std any troubles mai hoo na just share what ever u what to

  4. Oh My God!!!! Vichu that's soooooooo sweeeeeeet of you!!! :) just reading this makes me happy!! you wont knw how much it means to me... love you brother! and saran... let time go on i'll let you knw :P

  5. why sir, this kola veri :D. Relax take a break....

  6. Hey Kums.... The current post's a lil strong... and sounds bitter...
    hey and kums, i dont have to tell you this... 'if we're a doormat, people treats us that'...
    To each their own... if i'm not the leading lady of my life,... who else can...
    Damn, what the guy(the bad one, obviously) thinks... if he' can't see then he's just blind... To hell with the blind one, lets just consider what the cool guys has to say...
    - Hope spoken like a true feminist

  7. I am happy to know that it sounds strong and bitter... voila i can make people feel what i feel.. :)

  8. guys....!!err...,braveless bones...!!,y don dey admit if dey love a dame??
    y don dey???
    lets rock being de "best friend"...,

  9. I appreciate your words with back bone ... its need to lots of girls ... I met lots of girls they are thinking they need to settle in a life under a men like you said suppano / kuppano in a safe method ... I am wondering I you girls gave your life suddenly with those people ... its crazy...

  10. @vivek: it is not crazy... there is no other go!


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