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If this was the "about me" of my resume, would I get a job?

I'm overconfident. Egoistic. But I ask when I don't know. I am not self motivated. I need a pat on the back. I cannot take criticism if I know I'm not wrong. I like sugar coated pills. I do not work hard because I have to.Recognition money and knowledge are the only things that drive me. I cant work where I don't get respect. I do what I do to protect my image. If you think highly of me I make sure that that image is not spoiled. Nobody can make me work by giving me negative feedback. I thrive on positive feedback.Keep saying I'm bad I'll continue to be bad. Cause I don't have to prove you wrong I know I am good. I'm selfish I gotta get something in return for what I do. If you are not giving I am not doing.This is the only way to make me work. May be immature I don't care. Or may be I'm not fit to be an employee and I should be a freelancer.