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Pretty Kitty

Came across this lil fella on my way back home. As im not a big animal person i was not able to go very close to the kitty..

A Week Long Date With Perumal!

September is special in Tirupathi. Brahma of events. Brahmotsavam.

We (me, dad, gran) went on a trip to Tirupathi and Tiruvallikeni with brief visits to Perumals at other places.

The bus started from Ramakrishna Mills at about 6:30 on Sunday, 12th Sep'10. The bus stopped at palladam lakshmi mills to pick some people and also have dinner at one of the houses there. Since most of the people who were on the trip were "bhagavadhaas" we did not eat out at all. We went to some houses along the way for bhajans and they provided food. At Tirupathi we ate at the madam.

Monday, 13th Sep'10:
The bus stopped at a place called Veeranguppam Gramam, Paeranambattu Ondriyam, Ambur. The name itself says a lot. No toilets or bathrooms. Had to use the open fields. The men took bath out in the open and the Ladies took bath inside a small house. The bathroom was 'common'. Thank goodness I had some experience with the open feild and common bath during my childhood, or I would have …