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Caution and Control - Archaic??

This is very similar to the whispered secrets that 'everyone' knows. A 19 year old girl gets pregnant, goes to a temple and gets married. With or without the consent of the parents, I dont know. But do these girls realize that life does not have a Ctrl+Z button?

She is just a kid. Even before she knows what 'life' is, she ends it!

You fall in love - OK. Goes on good - OK. You maintain your limits - OK. But throwing away the 2Cs is NOT OK. Is it some kind of new fashion trend or something? Do they call it cool? At that age, she is throwing away her career, education and everything else.. she becomes a mother when she herself is not yet an adult.

I am just plainly surprised.

My Music - A Gift I Lost

In recent times, a couple of my school friends asked me, 'why did you stop singing?'. Until then I did not realize that I was not doing the 'real' singing I used to do. I had forgotten that I used to Sing,sIng,siNg,sinG SING all the time! If not excellent I was atleast passable.

Only after my friends asked me 'why', a memory buried sooo deep that I had forgotten about it for nearly 7 years surfaced. I was in the 10th grade that time. There were two of us girls, who sang at almost all the events. The other one was a first ranker, excellent in music, so in short - a star. On the other hand I was like a sidekick, I get to sing at the school assembly and she sings at the Annual Day... well, you get the picture. I did not bother about being not-as-good-as-her in music, I was happy until I was given the chance to sing.

And then this happened. There was some kinda contest, and the school choir gets to sing in front of some music director. And we all felt like 'rea…

A Visit To The Botanical Garden

Before I start, my dear folks there is a botanical garden in coimbatore its up and functioning and is good too.

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I had been thinking about changing my profile picture on facebook for the past few weeks :P and when I thought about the location, botanical garden came to my mind. So, I asked a friend of mine, Sowmya (from college), if she can accompany me to the garden to take pics she said ok so we set the date and off we went.

We started about 11 in the morning and chose to go by bus because unfortunately that day my bike wasn't available. We reached there by 12 noon. That is when I knew that the timings specified in the justdial website were all wrong! We had to wait for 2 hours before the garden opened again. So we decided to walk back some distance find some restaurant or something to spend time, because there is no such thing for another 1km toward east and until vadavalli toward west.

We spent some time and money and earned some huge calories at the bakery at law…