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A Visit To The Botanical Garden

Before I start, my dear folks there is a botanical garden in coimbatore its up and functioning and is good too.

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I had been thinking about changing my profile picture on facebook for the past few weeks :P and when I thought about the location, botanical garden came to my mind. So, I asked a friend of mine, Sowmya (from college), if she can accompany me to the garden to take pics she said ok so we set the date and off we went.

We started about 11 in the morning and chose to go by bus because unfortunately that day my bike wasn't available. We reached there by 12 noon. That is when I knew that the timings specified in the justdial website were all wrong! We had to wait for 2 hours before the garden opened again. So we decided to walk back some distance find some restaurant or something to spend time, because there is no such thing for another 1km toward east and until vadavalli toward west.

We spent some time and money and earned some huge calories at the bakery at lawley road signal. When we started walking back the weather was threating to rain. It did rain. But wasn't a big spoiler.

When we first went there there were nobody except us. But when we returned back! OMG! Couple everywhere. While we waited to get in we witnessed an accident that happened because of a stupid man riding a bike. He stopped right at the middle of the road! Why? Only he and God know. So when it stopped raining we bought the tickets and went in.

I was almost immediately hit by nostalgia.. I had been there during several school field trips. They have a children play area, bougainvilleas of all colors, marigolds, dahlias and lillis... when I approached the flower garden I was overjoyed really! Butterflies! So, many of them. Sadly, I did not have the patience or the expertise to capture(with the camera ofcourse) them. :(

We took a lot of pictures, clicking the whole time we were there. Since it rained, the earth was wet and we had some difficulty walking. The park does not have proper pavements to walk on. All the plants were healthy, they maintain them well.

If you ask me what kind of people go there, there are just two types going there:
1) couple
2) photography enthusiasts.

One funny thing about the place is, there is a guy taking rounds through the park with a whistle in his mouth. They have so many couple coming daily and looks like they do it to remind them that they are in a public place :D LOL
I saw another girl with a camera there. She had a nikon. :)

How to get there:
* Take any bus going to vadavalli/bharathiyar university/marudhamalai and get down at  agri university bus stop #2.
* Or drive through the lawley road or you can approach from GCT. You have to take a turn towards marudhamalai at the lawley road signal.

Garden timings:
morning 08:00 to 11:15
afternoon 14:00 to 16:35

Entry ticket:
Rs.10 per person. Same for the camera.


  1. Nice write up Kums !!! Hope this place will be a treat for photography enthusiasts... :)

  2. Hey kums.. if u come to spore .. i'll take u to the botanical gardens here .. its jus amazin .. u'll go crazy with ur cam here .. and the best part is its jus a 2-3 minute walk from where I live :) btw nice article abt the cbe gardens though :)!

  3. @dinesh: yeah it certainly is. :)

    @keerthi: yeah sure i'll try to visit.. btw i need something called as a passport before that.. :)

  4. Hey Nalla eludha arambichuta :)
    ennaku pudicha part:
    so we set the date and off we went

  5. kums as u said the topic is about botanical garden i thought it might be a bit boring but at last i started chuckling....he he he

  6. kums enga ponaalum camera vaa vidradhila pola.......ur photography is pretty cool & good...!

  7. Heys Kums, Cute pictures ! Liked the grass pic especially... How did you manage to capture the butterfly ?!

  8. @adhi: :) @kani: yeah yeah eppadi marakkuradhu? thank you! :) @ani: thanks lady.. butterfly lucky photography, the pic is not so good anyway. the grass pic is my fav too.. yay! hi5!


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