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Caution and Control - Archaic??

This is very similar to the whispered secrets that 'everyone' knows. A 19 year old girl gets pregnant, goes to a temple and gets married. With or without the consent of the parents, I dont know. But do these girls realize that life does not have a Ctrl+Z button?

She is just a kid. Even before she knows what 'life' is, she ends it!

You fall in love - OK. Goes on good - OK. You maintain your limits - OK. But throwing away the 2Cs is NOT OK. Is it some kind of new fashion trend or something? Do they call it cool? At that age, she is throwing away her career, education and everything else.. she becomes a mother when she herself is not yet an adult.

I am just plainly surprised.


  1. mad people do goofy things. super nuts ;(

  2. you never know what comes next, career and education is not everything in life. life is better with freedom, but freedom shouldnt have so many rules. Who said the only way to happiness is a career? She may be happy with her new husband and baby the same way you are with your classes.

  3. True true true...
    I was kinda like that 19 years old girl..
    now I gotta catch up with " my life ",
    In between motherhood :)

  4. Mojoeroh and Author are right, all teenagers should be institutionalized! Ha.

  5. @cecilia: agreed. but do all the people who go like that have a happy life? in my POV 19 is way too early!

  6. 19 is young, for some people. She still has time to change her life and mold it into whatever she likes, if she wishes to change anything.


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