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Get Sandal Compatible ;)

Here is a procedure for a home pedicure, a secret how to get beautiful, clean and neat feet :)

*The very first step to be followed, to get a pedicure done is... find some free time in a weekend :)

*Now, find a comfortable place to sit. You have to dip your feet in a bucket of water so better choose a place which will be comfortable for such a position.

*It's going to take some time so better take a book or an i-pod to keep u going. (you know its pretty boring sitting still)

*And now we get into the real procedure...

*Get a bucket/tub/something that is wide enough for you to dip your feet in it. Fill it to half(dont over fill it, chances are high that the water will spill when you dip your feet into it.) with warm water(note: its only warm water, not hot water. Well actually the terms are relative so heat the water until you think you can bear the heat)

*Now that we have the water ready... mix two tea spoons of table salt(in this case you need not bother about its iodine content ;-) ), juice from one half of a lemon and some mild shampoo (no anti-dandruff shampoo, please)

*After getting the above mixture ready you can happily dip your feet into it. Now comes the need for your book or i-pod, you have to wait until your feet are soaked soft :)

*And before you start off, kindly have a floor mat by your side. You don't want being caught for spilling water, do you??

*I assume that you have a filer, pumice stone, nail cutter and a cuticle cutter (weapons of beauty care!!) by your side.

*Using the nail cutter and the cuticle cutter etc., cut of the dead skin and smoothen it using the pumice stone.

*We have gotten rid of the dead skin and now we can take care of our nails... now that it is soaked it must be easy to cut the nails (I always find it tougher to cut the toe nails, you know they get harder as you get older)

*Repeat the same procedure for your other foot(I am sure you did the above two steps to only one of your feet)

*If you wish to polish the nails.... er... I'm sorry I don't do that much so I can't tell anything about it. But I'm sure of one thing... you must take off your polish before you start the process. (give your nails some breathing time)

*After you are done with it apply some moisturizer on both of your feet, it always helps. :)

Voila..!! Pretty feet, yaar...!!! ;) :P


  1. hey sweets!! Gud one.. Keep ya good writing going! and do drop a mail whenever you update your blog, i could see a handful of posts new :o..

  2. Yaar, Thanks ( i didnt know the lemon and should-only-use-non-anti-dandruff bit) !


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