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Relationships: Spec: Male-Female

One of my friends Bharathi had written about relationships in her blog and that was the key to this post... along with some serious thinking I had been doing all night and all morning I'm posting my views on this, because its a-topic-that-never-bores-me...

First of all, why are people reluctant to fall into relationships... anything from friendship to love...?? Its because of the fear or rejection, fear of failure and the fear of the pain if the other two factors of fear come true... OK agreed either one of them had a break up or a bitter experience in the form of a past love or best friend.. But why should they compare the present with the past? Past is past... gone... done... been there done that and its over... wake up!!

Then there is this time and distance factor... If the distance is too much like either one is ISD/STD and its tough on the purse and time to travel... people gotta be strong and trust plays a major role... and then there is this time factor... both stay a few minutes from each other and yet they are too busy to meet up or call or text... (like a fwd msg that  returns so often) people are supposed to miss you when you are away not learn to live without you...

There is this pressure of being in a relationship... everybody should have their own personal space and freedom... one is not supposed to feel that its lost because he or she is in a relationship.. I have seen, been in such relationships... Sometimes the space is lost because the other person thinks he/she is too loving but actually they are poking their nose into unwanted matters. I can completely understand its because of possessiveness and love but when they become too much to bare the relationship breaks... God let me not do the same mistake which I think I'm doing! or wait am i doing a "mistake"??!! This confusion plays big roles in relationships... what is right to me may be bad to you! Sacrifice is the key word!

The biggest enemy - meet Mr.EGO!!! forgiveness is godly... forgive even if you dont forget. everybody makes mistakes, he/she can also makes mistakes... you make mistakes.. afterall we all are human! no one is perfect.

People expect all wrong things from the right person. Expecting something and not getting it gets on your nerves. guys want dames and girls want hunks... at the end what all get is fat losers! well, simply as always EXPECTATION HURTS!! It is not easy to get loved equally by your friend/better half.

Be as true and genuine as possible... they(atleast I am) are not going to expect you to be 200% true... you can be transparent if you wish to. Why would relationships be sooo complex... why would people make it complex??? I just wish it were a simple equation like: "you like someone he/she likes you too, just go on". But life isnt that simple.. there are sooooooooooo many factors people consider!! I am tired of this and the list never ends!!!

If i go on thinking I'll go on and on and on about this and I need to stop... Dont wanna scare my friends :) :D :P but one last thing i'd like to say is:

Think with your mind and consult your heart before you act!


  1. hey yaar that was nice one ,,,,, but it works out when both understand each others lifestyle, custom ,their thoughts, atleast try to know abt him or her very well then make a decision, definetly all these complication can be avoided before they get into relationships. of course i do accept that heart makes us feel , but we got to think of after effects also :), like how can we lead a life together!!!!!their mind plays a major role!!!!!!!

  2. Get rid or Mr. EGO and live happily.. SPACE plays a important role in a relationship... give the partner the space they need, if she/he loves you, they never gonna let anyone fill up those.. again this is how I define TRUST... The more you EXPECT the more you are ditched.. Life is great.. learn to live, don,t force to live...

  3. My POV is concentrate on the '-'s 1st so u can undr stnd n deicide whether u can cope up with his/her '-'s,then normally the good '+'s follow if he/she is too much of '+'s then its a bonus for the other half.....:)
    But i do feel there's a valid point to mention which i have heard from married friends both men n women ...they say once when u let the other know about ur '-'s either they pin point it or compare it with others n they say its one of the important area from which emotional issues i feel it depends upon our other half to cope up with our own drawbacks n try to love us for what we are but normally it dosent happen very often....;)....Raja... :)

  4. When I am confused, I get piss drunk... Do that, you will have no confusions in life..

  5. nice kums.. liked it a lot..! keep up the gud work!!!

  6. @all: thanks :) for the comments

    @doc: bingo!!!! i knew you'd talk abt the fat loser thing... :P :P :D and... yeah distance is a problem it cant be ignored... well there is more than why you think i wrote this..

  7. hey Kums :)
    quite a thought provokin blog again i guess .. well ..btw there s always skype instead of isd :)..i shouldn't be commentin on the relationship stuff though .. but ive gotta say .. time jus gives u all ans :) be it in life or relationships :)

  8. He he yeah there is skype... still there is physical distance :) there is nothing like you cant comment on the relationship stuff... everybody has their say :)

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