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My First Flight!

A note to readers: this post might sound boring to the frequent and experienced flyers.

All packed and ready to go fly! But wait, I dont know anything about how to get into the airport! Being educated, it was kinda embarrassing to make mistakes.

But then its okay.. you learn when you make mistakes. Security check, Baggage and Tickets.. After all this I was waiting with my friend for my father to come back... (He had gone back home to take an ID proof to get into the airport, I did not know that you needed an ID proof to get into the airport)

I did not feel anything until I was waiting in the queue to board the bus that takes you to the aircraft. Only then I got that feeling I was longing to get - "Yay! I am gonna fly!"

That long jounrney to the runway. The cabin staff were demonstrating how to use the life jacket, the seat belt etc etc.. and I still dont know why the girl who demonstated in front of us was giggling soooooooo  much. May be she thought it was funny but for first timers like me it is important!

When the flight took off I felt like I was on the Giant Wheel ride which would never end. I was trying to find my area from flight - hehe I know it was stupid of me. I thought Coimbatore was getting crowded but gawd I did not see any buildings down there.. so much of empty land! Unlike travel on land, you do not feel the speed on air. May be that is because of the sealed windows.. :-o

The clouds look like they are living in their own world! So majestic they are. When the flight flew over the Arabian Sea I could see a lot of ships in some harbors. The sea looked like a giant plastic sheet. Absolutely no motion.

When the flight was nearing Mumbai my ears started paining so much that I was glad that Mumbai was closeby.. When we approached mumbai I could feel the difference between Coimbatore and Mumbai in an instant. I had never seen so many high rise buildings in my life!

After we landed I called my friend here and she said she is waiting for me right at the entrance. I was so releived that I had no problem ahead. I am lucky to have found a friend who was ready to help me. We waiting around the arrival terminal for a friend of my other friend to come. And dear people who come to mumbai, even if you feel hungry do not buy a sandwich at idlicom. It is Aw(ful)some!

A pre-paid taxi ride to my friend's place ensured no hassle and her mom is so sweet if I stay here any longer I will come back double the size I am in!

Been safe in a nest for the past two days. Gotta see what Mumbai has in store for me from tomorrow! Treat me well Mumbai! I'll keep in touch!


  1. Good luck Bidda!!! :) Thats so symbolic of a new beginning...i wish you fly high in every sense!

    Cheers and keep us posted!

  2. You will manage Kums! Take care

  3. எளிமையா. அழகா, சுவையா எழுதி இருக்கீங்க!!

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  7. I'm a little bit disappointed... Planes are completely dangerous for the environment, and you seem so happy to take one... Are you happy for the destruction of the planet too?

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