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Rest In Peace: Sindhuja

At about 8 in the morning my school friend calls and as I pick the phone I think 'she is probably going to ask me to come to school' without realizing what kind of a shocking news awaits me.

Sindhuja is dead.

It took me until I saw her face for the news to sink in. Most of us hadn't been in touch with her for the past few months. So obviously the news was a shocker to us.

After I came back from her place the first thing I did was take the notebook of school memories I have and read what I had written about her.

"A wonderful person and friend who should not be lost or forgotten. I can expect a selfless friendship from her. Even if I don't talk to her for months, she'll talk to me just the way she used to" 
(with a photo of her's stuck by the side, sorry that I dont have the camera right now, if anybody has a nice one of hers please send, and sorry for the poor picture)

Sindhu, the "kovakkara kizhi" of the class. Her way of showing love was anger. Everyone close to her provoked her to the ultimatum to make her angry, even then she loved them so much. Her way of talking was animated. Believed very much in god. Loved her family and friends. Always wanted loved people around her. Suffered in pain the last few days of her life. Her anger was never negative. Was very good at heart. She always gave honest opinions, said whatever she wanted to on the face. And now I hate the past tense!! :( x-(

Those words "lost" and "forgotten" look very ironic to me. I feel very rotten for not talking to her for the past few months. And I see that some of my friends feel the same way. All that I can think about is the true incident I read in the "chicken soup for the soul" book series, titled "Do It Now". The author's father died a week after he said 'I love you, dad" to his old man.

All the time we realize this a little late. I still regret for not talking to my mother when she asked me to talk something, like how I always blabbered to her. Just wanted to say that when you miss somebody suddenly talk to them or text them atleast within a week. In this fast world we'll never be able to keep up promises even the ones we make to ourselves. Let's just try!

Rest In Peace, Sindhu! You live in our memories. Love.


  1. Should have given you the photos before,Sindhu... Am so sorry.... :(
    Rest In Peace dear friend...

  2. :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

  3. Its very disheartening... May her soul rest in peace

  4. she was a good girl. In 10th while i was walking from avi. block to main school she told her father to stop t scooter and gave me lift which i culd never forget. During diwali times, her grand-father sales kollu pattasu. she ll tell me to buy it from him. i ll send my bro. to buy crackers from her grandpa. she always ve a smile in her face.
    At last it was too early we missed her :-(

  5. touching post...sorry for your loss

  6. you are right. I always used to make it a point, whenever we part from near and dear ones, even for a night's sleep, do not quarrel so that we may not get another opportunity to make amendments. sorry for your friend


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