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People like this exist!

I am an avid fan of Anandha Vikatan, psychiatrist Dr.Shalini is writing a new series called "UyirMozhi". People reading it will know about what she is talking. For who dont read: it's about male female relationships, the mechanisms of a mother-son relationship etc etc.

A discussion on this topic branched out and led me to some other incidents..

A few years back, a doctor working for a government run hospital made his kid son eat his own excreta! The child had shit out of fear seeing father and mother fighting. The mother left the house and this doctor father took the son to an orphanage and left him there saying the child was an orphan. Following this the mother fought and got her son back, and the doctor fled to some other place. He was a DOCTOR!!

Next is something i had already written about.. A 5 year old left behind with her grand-mother while her mother fled with someone as soon as the child's father died.

A young widow is willing to give her son up so that she can go on with her life.

Where the HELL is parental love? Out of the three examples i have seen two.. they are real people not just some news story.

You should see the small boy's face when he misses his mother. He just roams around, eats whatever people give him and that has given him some allergies.

On the other hand when i tuned into radio mirchi a few days ago i heard the IG saying that the police have received 50+ complaints about children not caring for the old parents in under a week's time of giving out a mobile number for such kind of complaints!!

Dear God,
Please do include some extra dosage of Love in people you create from now on.

yours truly,
one who wants a loving world.


  1. the blog is very touching.....i so wish i could do something about it....,,,

  2. Good post. Love sometimes does not exist :(

  3. @shalini: yeah but what can we do? nothing.
    @arun: thank you.. all that we can do is pray.

  4. I'm just outraged ! So, what can we do about it ?

  5. @ani: go back to stone age may be...


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