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Chain SMS and Mails - height of stupidity!

A few days back I received an sms from one of my classmates that said "send this to 20 people and if you neglect your dad will die in the next 365 days" and one I received recently says "90% people fall in love with their friends blah blah blah send to 14 people except me sorry cant neglect".

Do they realize that these messages benefit no one except the service provider? This has absolutely no purpose except increasing the sms traffic!

This is one form of psychological torture - playing with the insecurities and weakness of people, these kind of messages might hurt some people. Say for instance somebody's dad is ill and he/she receives a text like the first one, how would they feel?

As for the second message - thats total crap! So if I send that stupid message to 14 people, how the hell will my love realize he really loves me and that I'm the one??

How clever of those people to include phrases like "except me" and "sorry"... (vevarathukku porandhavangannu nenappu!)

I did not want to bark at people for sending me texts like that so I tried to irritate them by sending back the same message multiple number of times in hopes of filling their inbox.. that worked with some people. Sometimes I sent a text stating don't include me if you choose to send a message like that the next time.. but some people do not change at all! we are educated -  for god sakes!!

One positive thing about these chain messages is that it unites religions - really! No matter what their own religion is all sorts of messages with "hare krishna / holy christ / allah / saranam ayyappa / sree rama jeyam /..." (the list never ends) are forwarded along, especially during examination time. LOL

I decided to mock at these people and sent one long sarcastic message to the whole lot - looks like it did not "reach" some properly or they decided to not analyze it.

Reforming the society is an impossible task. Even before cellphones, there were letters like this. And once someone said all the brothers have to buy their sisters a green colored saree for everyone's well being - probably it was started by a woman who liked the color green and had a brother who refused to buy her a saree...

Occasionally when I'm feeling low or insecure these kind of messages make me want to do as said in the message but then I tell myself not be stupid and delete it.. But that moment of dilemma is mental torture. All sorts of negative possibilities flash in front of your eyes at that very very very wrong moment.

No use in arguing about these messages to people who believe them, what if i do this and nothing happens? They'll say its fate!

Tried and failed methods: irritating them by filling their inbox with the crap message, scold them, sit them down and talk, mock sarcastically - NO USE! But there is a way to stop this: IGNORE!

I do not want to think of people dying because I did not forward this message (and thats a very weird cause of death isn't it?), I will not forward because I know that is stupid. All I ask is please leave me alone on this. Because, I repeat, IT'S PURE MENTAL TORTURE!!!!!!!

Chant: ignore kar ignore kar


  1. Copy-paste this comment 5 times in different blogs, otherwise the readers will have 7 years of bad luck. Trust me, one of my friends didn't do this and got bitten by a rabid monkey.

  2. yeah guys, trust Sudharsh~~!
    I posted the comment 10 times and withing 24 hours i won a Jackpot!!!

  3. great post - kinda frustated blog write more over when compared to ur normally really though out blog writes ;)...great blog write except that i guess it should be ignore karo instead of ignore kar :)

  4. @sudharsh, sajjeev: gonna kill you two! :D

    @keerthi: im a novice in hindi :) sorry for the bad grammar..

  5. hey kums seriously this is not only ur feel about these fake sms mine too....nice one

  6. ennoda arivu kanna thirathutinga poga

  7. ughhh yess, I ignore a majority of those but the ones that play a guilt trip on you are the ones that talk about your religion x_X then you feel like you should and all.

  8. @pon: if i really did im happy.. @adhi,sade;: im with you :)

  9. This is really really very nice... You've written everything that i felt. nice one kums...

  10. well said.....
    inda post padichittu atleast orutharaavadu inda madiri msg anuppurada niruthina santhosam.........

  11. VERY well put! Well written, and very well thought out. Thank-you!!

  12. @ajay: thanks.
    @karthik: yeah.
    @jabs1960: :) thank you!


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