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Manmadhan Ambu - Expecting an entertaining Rom-Com

I have been looking forward to watch the movie and now after listening to the songs my curiosity has spiked up! Kamal, Trisha, Splendida (the ship), Madhavan, and Surya in a guest role! Sounds good to me.
And these are my opinions about the songs after I listened to them for the first time. Call it the first impression. But I had to listen the Kamal Kavidhai twice to even form an opinion about it.

Dhagidu Dhattham: nice rhythym, i dont understand the song, may be i'll understand when i see the movie

Kamal Kavidhai: interesting number. like all Kamal's works, you need to listen carefully to enjoy the sarcasm. His atheism shows in this song. Trisha has recorded this song in her own voice, not bad for starters. Women, love, lust, sarcasm, atheism - all in one Kamal treat.

Neela Vaanam: Melodious number in Kamal's voice. The song tries to define love. This song would be getting dedicated in all the 'kadhal kadhal' kinda TV shows, with hearts flying all over the TV screen.

Manmadhan Ambu: A special DSP treat. This is the song that plays in the trailor.

Oyyalae: A very peppy number. It's of the teasing types. The man teases the woman, the woman teases the man. Beautiful flirting.

Theme: Not very attractive. Doesnt impress me. May be it will be a late hit.

Who's the Hero: Curious song. Start's like a Bond 007 theme music. Rock and roll types.


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