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Getting an Indian Passport

When I started to take steps to get myself a passport, I faced some problems and a loooot of suggestions.. you dont need a birth certificate with name, you definitely have to have one, college ID is not a matter, blah blah blah..

So here I am doing my part in confusing you. :D

1) Get youself a birth certificate with your name:

Its a matter of two visits to the corporation office. And it costs nothing more than 17 bucks!

* Get the application form from the information center. It costs Rs.11/-
* Fill it up, stick a court fee stamp for Re.1/- and attach a photocopy of your old birth certificate and school/college TC (transfer certificate)
* Submit the form at the Birth and Death registration center at the corporation office.
* The officer there signs the form and you have to pay Rs.5/- at the computer center.
* Show the receipt for the payment and submit the form.

After you do this they'll give you a date at which you must go there again to collect your certificate. They will issue a maximum of two copies. The date is usually one week away from the time you submit the form.

2) Make sure you have all your other documents are in order:

A ration card is a must to get a passport. An ID with photo. A proof of date of birth and other certificates in case you need ECNR status (emigration check not required) and are eligible for getting it.

You can refer the government's website to know what are the documents you can use to get a passport. The website is very informative (surprisingly good).

The documents that are normally required for the application of passport are:

* Ration card
* Driver's lisence/any other photo ID
* 10th and 12th marksheets
* Degree certificate/equivalent
* Transfer certificate
* Birth certificate

When I started out, we had misplaced the ration card and had to search every corner of the house before finding it right in front of our eyes. So, its always better to start ASAP.

Also, make sure all your documents have the same address. This is one major problem for us here. Most of the time, the address/name is misspelt. There are stories of voter's ID's having the wrong gender!

Oh, yeah dont forget the photographs! White/light background, 3cm X 3cm dimension. And SMILE :)

3) How to apply:

There are two ways of doing this, doing it by yourself and getting it done, which ofcourse costs you money. You can apply by yourself if you are confident and sure of what you are doing. If not then I suggest you to get it done by one of the offices in the Passport Office, saves you time. They charge around Rs.100/- for an online application, printouts, copies, filling it and helping you with submitting the right documents.

For instance, I did not know that I have to show my IT info if I submit my PAN card as a photo ID.

What you need to know before applying:

* Your height in cm
* How long you have been staying in the current place of residence
* Identification marks. Preferably enter the ones that have been mentioned in your TC.
* Names of two of your neighbors, who you are in good terms with.
* Police station of the area you live in.

Take plenty of photocopies of the documents you are going to attach with the application form. Take your time and check every detail, be alert. Note down the appoinment date and go there early. Take your headphones and load your phone/mp3 player with favorite numbers because you have to wait in the queue for long hours. You might even make friends with the person standing next to you and discover that he knows your long-lost school friend!

4) On the day of the appoinment:

Pack your originals and photocopies in a file, a water bottle, phone with headphones. Double check your application form. There will be seperate queues for the tatkal and ordinary applications. Stand in the appropriate one, when they direct you to a specific counter, submit your forms and get your originals verified. Then you'll be directed to another counter to pay the amount either 1000/- for ordinary or 2500/- for tatkal. Get the reciept from the counter and save it because you'll need it to check your status, later.

Make sure that the phone number you have specified is active all the time. The police call you for a verification through that number. If you are studying/working in a area that comes under a different police station then your application will be forwarded to that place. All that you have to do after this is wait until your passport is speed-posted to you. You will have to submit finger prints and four photographs to the police station. (evlo padicha medhaaviya irundhalum kai naattu vechae aaganum)

Other complicated details are available in the govt. website. :P

P.S: for those who dont know, passport is called as 'kadavucheettu' (கடவுச்சீட்டு)  in tamil.


  1. even if you dont have any address proof other than ration card, u can use the landline telephone bill as an address proof.

    i went for applying passport before getting the drivers license and used my bsnl telephone bill as an address proof.... hope some one may amke use of this...

  2. thank you. This information is given in the website i guess.


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