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Makeover Move

ME: "I am not a girly girl!"

MY BROTHER: "Hehe no way, you are girly, very girly!"

What?! Did I really hear that? I am girly?! All these days I was thinking that I am not a girly girl.. girly girls treat a broken nail as an emergency, whine all night if their eye-brow job had gone bad, shut themselves up in their rooms if they have a bad-hair day and get mad if their clothes/hands get dirty! And on top of it I don't giggle but laugh, I like a hearty laugh. Ok, I'm getting diverted now.. back on track!

But then I am girly in some ways, I love anything that is pink, fluffy, floral, and cute! I enjoy shopping, get super excited if I see the words "SALE" and "FREE". Read fashion magazines cover to cover, browse the internet for tips. Go around the house like a ghost with a facial mask of a different color and flavor(!) every weekend.

So all that reading magazines and surfing the internet had motivated me to get a new-look! I decided that I was bored with my waist long hair, short working-hand nails and comfy floaters.

Just when I needed it I happened upon my cousin's book collection! Man! There I found two books which interested me a lot, "Beauty Confidential" by Nadine Haobsh and "Dont lose your mind, lose your weight", by Rujuta Diwekar. Oh yeah, I know the second book does not have anything to do with make-up and shopping but it kinda helped me too..

Ruju's book is really inspiring! I followed her advise for some weeks and I ended up falling out of the routine around new year's (hey come on, how could I say no to all those awesome chocolate cakes?). I'll post a detailed account of my experiments with Ruju's book when I finally discipline myself. There is lot more to it, long story later.

Coming to Nadine's book. Her no nonsense way of writing had me hooked to the book. Particularly the section about hair! After reading and re-reading the chapters about hair, and after several more google searches I decided that I had to get a hair cut. Asked my friends for suggestions on parlors and styles and then I was ready!

It was my first time to a stylish salon (Ol'e Hair Styling), and first time alone! Must admit that my knees felt week, and legs were trembling. I managed to keep the tension out of my face though. I guess I rambled a bit then gained control. [Gawd girl just chill, you are not facing an interview panel.] I went to the salon at about 11:30 in the morning. I was asked to wait, but before I could even sit down I was escorted inside. The shampoo boy insisted I get a shampoo wash. I was all nervous until after the wash. I wanted a little-longer than shoulder length hair with bangs. When I was thinking about how to phrase my requirements the filmfare magazine I was reading came in handy. I showed Chettan (that's what he is mostly known as and yeah they are malayalis) Sushmita Sen and asked him I wanted a cut like that. (Hey, a picture is worth a million words). Ok over with the boring story..

What can just a hair cut do to a girl? I felt exhilarated! I really felt like a local Sushmita Sen (Sush's fans please forgive). I felt confident, beautiful, on top of the list HAPPY. Felt like I really turned heads. Man! Whatte feeling! [Appidiyae slow motion-la edhir kaathula duppatta, thala mudi parakka nadandhu varra heroine madhiri oru feeling]

There is nothing like feeling beautiful or getting pampered that can work wonders on a girl's happy hormones!!!

Older posts say what I did to my working-hand nails. I happened upon a FLAT 50% OFF SALE on sandals and picked up a 3 inch high heels for just 145 bucks! So for now, I am learning to walk on high heels.

For girls who want to know the wonderful sites I go to for tips: gives beautiful tips on fashion. Of all the places I have been to the sites I love the most are wikihow and ehow. Kudos people!

P.S: I guess I have always been a girly girl. I still cannot stop myself short when I start talking about girl stuff like this. If you are a girl, I know you are empathizing with me. If you are a boy, hey boy I know what you are thinking [girls!]


  1. I'm empathizing with you all the way. For me I started off as a girly-girl, then went through a short phase where I was a tom-boy. And now I'm back to that girly-girl stage. It's almost impossible to get away. haha.

  2. @justine: Yeah you are right.. We always come back to the pavilion.. Kudos to the tom-boys! Its tough for me to stay that way for long periods of time!

  3. Next Fashion model is getting ready :)

  4. @arunchandra: ooh.. i guess i'll not do that insult the fashion models.. hehe

  5. Hey girlie... did u write this blog after our chat..?????

  6. yappa... evlavu mokka.. do u think that every would have read the whole passage and commented on this.... so poor... am thinking about the boy whos going to live with u... so poor

  7. @elcy: hehe yeah! i did..
    @yavanaraj: since you are not a girl you will say its mokka :P haha that boy is lucky :D

  8. Das ist mal ein cooler Blog>>>

    Herzliche Grüße


  9. Hey! Love your blog! I think you´re right!
    I read some other publishes that u made! I love how do u express yourself writting I really do!
    So well, i was thinking maybe u can check out mine and write your opinion aswell!


  10. random reader: you sound very much like a girly girl to me :P nothing to be ashamed of though :)

  11. i've got to admit it - you suck less than i would've guessed. in the words of thirteen-year-old JV soccer chicks everywhere, "you go girl".

  12. name is mano..ur blog is good!!

  13. hi nice blog......keep blogging

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  14. Ha ha...
    That was super cool...
    And s... Girls will be girls yaar...
    And Cheers that we are girls!!!

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